Safety 101 IST

Course Content

Safety 101 Initial Safety Training (IST) provides new air safety representatives training on Air Safety Organization (ASO) and Central Air Safety Committee functions and resources. The course introduces participants to representing ALPA on ASAP ERCs, Accident/ Incident Investigations, and through other various ASO Industry/Government activities. Safety 101 IST equips attendees with the skills to confidently work within the ASO or their CASC to effectively support their own pilot group and ALPA International while working effectively with representatives from government and management.

Training is accomplished over a one- and one-half-day period. Safety 101 IST explains the ASO and safety group functions and responsibilities, provides an overview of how to effectively support the safety needs of the MEC, and includes an introduction to accident investigation with the NTSB and TSB. Those who have completed the training will have a basic understanding on how to represent their MEC Safety Committee or the ASO effectively through various industry/government activities.

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Your MEC/CASC budget pays for all of your pilot expenses: travel, sleeping rooms, meals, and flight pay loss (if required). This includes no-shows for hotel rooms where reservations have been requested and NOT canceled 48 hours prior to arrival and/or if the attendee fails to notify the hotel, during check-in, of a different departure date than the one reserved.