Bloodborne Pathogens Course

Course Content

The Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) sets training standards for employees who are required to work in designated biohazard areas. Because aircraft accident investigators working at an accident site fall under those activities governed by the OSHA regulations, ALPA provides this training to pilot safety representatives who will serve as members of their CASC accident investigation team.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training (BBP) is taught in a four-hour session in conjunction with and at the end of the Accident Investigation Course (AIC). Initial training meets the OSHA requirement to provide employees with the knowledge required to protect themselves in hazardous industrial environments. Information regarding inoculations and recurrent training is provided in the course.

BBP refresher training is accomplished through the use of review materials sent through the U.S. Mail with an accompanying written test. This satisfies the OSHA requirement for semi-annual BBP refresher training.