Pairing/Rotation Construction
Scheduling Workshop

McLean, Va.
March 19–21, 2024

ALPA’s Economic & Financial Analysis Department is pleased to announce our next Scheduling Workshop: Pairing/Rotation Construction. The three-day event will provide a unique opportunity for ALPA Scheduling Committee members and their pairing/rotation experts to interact with their peers from other ALPA groups and discuss a full range of topics, including Scheduling Committee involvement and/or oversight of planning parameters (such as trip mix), optimization, and final review of resulting sets (including fatigue analyses). Discussions will also include current and best practices, technical considerations, software applications, and pairing/rotation construction contract language support. 

All ALPA Scheduling Committee members and their pairing/rotation experts are invited to join us at this union-only function. There will be no company or vendor participation. 



The workshop will begin at noon on Tuesday, March 19, with a planned ending at noon on Thursday, March 21. Full daily schedule TBD.


ALPA Offices at Valo Park
7950 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 400S
McLean, Va.

Expenses and Lodging

Lunch will be provided each day with breakfast and dinner at your discretion. Your pilot group’s Master Executive Council budget is responsible for all other travel expenses (travel, lodging, meals, and flight pay loss); please confirm your plan to attend with your appropriate officer(s). 

We are currently working on a lodging facility and will forward that information once we have that secured. 


Scheduling Workshop Series

The Pairing/Rotation Construction Scheduling Workshop is the second in an ongoing series of topical workshops, following the highly successful PBS Scheduling Workshop. We look forward to collaborating with all our scheduling experts at the workshops, the next of which will be Crew Desk/Daily Operations scheduled for October 2024.


Please contact Jeff Nooger, ALPA senior scheduling & work rule analyst, at if you have any questions or issues.