Fatigue Management Seminar

McLean, VA

February 28–29, 2024 

ALPA is hosting this event at ALPA's Conference Center in McLean, Va. The Fatigue Management Seminar will provide a forum for pilots, airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, and other interested parties to discuss airline pilot flight- and duty-time issues. Discussions will focus on operations under FAR Part 117, including fitness for duty practices and responsibilities. 


Wednesday, February 28 to Thursday, February 29, 2024


ALPA Conference Center at Valo Park
7950 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 400S
McLean, Va.






Jay.Wells@alpa.org or (703) 481-2422
Matt.Harris@alpa.org or (703) 689-4127
MaryAnne.Pickett@alpa.org or (703) 689-4315