Course Content

ALPA 101 is the initial course for all new ALPA pilot volunteers that will serve in the areas of safety, security, pilot assistance, or jumpseat. It is different from the leadership school newly elected officers attend. ALPA 101 covers the basics. It’s about our mission, history, and learning the best way to do ALPA work. It provides a basic set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to progress in ASO or MEC specialty training.

ALPA 101 is the foundation that all the other safety, security, pilot assistance, and jumpseat courses are built upon. Because it is the foundation, we named it ALPA 101 Foundational ALPA Service Training—the FAST class for short. And it is fast. One day. And it moves fast. It is full of activities to keep new ALPA volunteers engaged.

This course is conducted in conjunction with follow-on courses during the same training week. Safety, security, professional standards, and jumpseat representatives should enroll in the appropriate follow-on course when they register for FAST. Safety representatives should enroll in Initial Safety Training (IST), security representatives take Security 101, the professional standards list for ProStans-101, and jumpseat representatives enroll in Jumpseat Expert Training (JET). Other pilot assistance representatives attend only FAST during the training week.  

Download the syllabus.


Your MEC/CASC/Group chair's budget pays for all of your pilot expenses: travel, sleeping rooms, meals, and flight pay loss (if required). This includes no-shows for hotel rooms where reservations have been requested and NOT canceled 48 hours prior to arrival and/or if the attendee fails to notify the hotel, during check-in, of a different departure date than the one reserved.