Accident Investigation Course (AIC)

Course Content

ALPA pilot volunteers have assisted in the NTSB/TSB investigation of aircraft accidents for decades and have established a reputation for credibility in the use of scientific-based investigation techniques. This reputation is sustainable in part because of the superior training provided to ALPA members in the Accident Investigation Course (AIC).

The Accident Investigation Course (AIC) builds upon the foundation provided in the Accident Investigation module of the Safety 101 IST. This course equips the pilot safety volunteer to function efficiently, effectively and safely as the Chief Accident Investigator for their MEC Central Air Safety Committee, ALPA Party Coordinator, or Technical Group member on an accident investigation.

Accident Investigation training is accomplished in four days, and covers the following subject areas:

  • Accident notification and dispatch
  • ALPA staff capabilities
  • NTSB/TSB policies
  • ALPA coordinator responsibilities
  • Flight data recorders
  • Cockpit voice recorders
  • Field Phase procedures
  • Flight crew representation
  • Employment of CIRP
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training (OSHA)
  • International investigations

Desired knowledge and skills upon completion

  • Lead a team of ALPA Safety Representatives in an incident investigation
  • Function effectively on an NTSB/TSB aircraft accident investigation as a Technical Group member


The ALPA Accident Investigation Course is accredited by the International Air Line Pilots Association (IFALPA) for credit in continued studies in aircraft accident investigation.


Your MEC/CASC budget pays for all of your pilot expenses: travel, sleeping rooms, meals, and flight pay loss (if required). This includes no-shows for hotel rooms where reservations have been requested and NOT canceled 48 hours prior to arrival and/or if the attendee fails to notify the hotel, during check-in, of a different departure date than the reserved.