Advanced Accident Investigation Course (AAIC)

Course Content

Every MEC CASC Chairman and their Chief Accident Investigator is faced with potentially participating in an NTSB/TSB aircraft accident investigation. The most effective preparation for such activity is the very experience that no Association member actually desires: previous participation in an actual NTSB/TSB investigation. The next most effective form of preparation is a dress rehearsal where team members step into the role of ALPA Coordinator or NTSB group member or TSB observers.

A multi-level program of classroom training and real-world scenario training includes:

  • The Advanced Accident Investigation Course (AAIC) provides ALPA safety investigators with a thorough rehearsal of NTSB/TSB procedures, and a comprehensive examination of pre-accident plans and documents. A portion of the training is conducted on a mock crash site. AAIC thoroughly prepares MEC, CASC and Investigation Team members before the need arises.
  • The AAIC is a hands-on course applying the material taught at AIC, ALPA 101 FAST and Safety 101 IST. This includes preparation, organization of ALPA resources in case of an accident. This course focuses on student participation in several mock NTSB investigative groups to familiarize ALPA investigators with the investigative process.

Aside from completion of ALPA’s investigator training this course may also be useful for:

  • Chief Accident Investigator Refresher Training
  • Accident Investigation Team Refresher Training
  • Accident Investigation Team Advanced Training

Training is accomplished over the course of four days

The accident exercise is accomplished as a time-compressed field investigation. Assembled Accident Investigation Team members interact with role-playing NTSB, and FAA officials along with management, manufacturer and component representatives as they work to complete this phase of the investigation. Participants are exposed to several technical groups during this fact-gathering activity.

This course is the culmination of ALPA’s accident investigator training; as such participants are expected to arrive with the mindset and preparation as if they were responding to an actual NTSB investigation.

Desired knowledge and skills upon completion

  • Employ and enhance the knowledge gained in previous accident investigation training.
  • Function as the Chief Accident Investigator or the ALPA Coordinator on an NTSB/TSB aircraft accident investigation.


Your MEC/CASC budget pays for all of your pilot expenses: travel, sleeping rooms, meals, and flight pay loss (if required). This includes no-shows for hotel rooms where reservations have been requested and NOT canceled 48 hours prior to arrival and/or if the attendee fails to notify the hotel, during check-in, of a different departure date than the reserved.