Retirement Benefits Available Through ALPA

The Landing

As you get closer to starting the next chapter of your life, keep in mind these 10 services and discounts secured for members who retire in good standing.

  1. A 20 percent discount on FAA medical advisory services available through the Aviation Medicine Advisory Service, ALPA’s Aeromedical Office.
  2. Insurance products (at an additional cost) including accidental death & dismemberment, long-term care, identity theft, and dental. (Canadian members can purchase home and auto insurance and can extend their critical-illness coverage through Industrial Alliance as well extend their ALPA optional life insurance coverage, if they obtained it prior to retirement.)
  3. Grants through Pilots for Pilots (P4P), the Association’s emergency relief fund, to cover the costs associated with a widespread natural disaster or a financial hardship related to COVID-19 to help cover any unexpected and unanticipated costs that bring an extra burden.
  4. Air Line Pilot magazine, the official journal of the Air Line Pilots Association, International.

    Through the union’s affiliation with the AFL-CIO, U.S. ALPA retirees can secure programs and services from Union Plus, including

  5. Home, auto, renter’s, life, and pet health insurance;
  6. Legal advice;
  7. Wireless phone service discounts;
  8. Mortgage opportunities;
  9. Professional moving discounts; and
  10. Health plans, hardship programs, credit card offers, travel discounts, and more.

Learn more about ALPA benefits. See a list of what Union Plus has to offer. Canadian member retirees can check out Union Savings for a similar list of offerings.

And Speaking of Retirement…

ALPA’s Executive Board at its May 2022 meeting authorized retired members who previously served as Pilot Assistance subject-matter experts to continue performing these duties, subject to certain conditions and approvals.

This article was originally published in the July 2022 issue of Air Line Pilot.

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