ALPA Members Inspire Future Aviators at WAI Conference

By ALPA Staff
ALPA pilots staff the Association’s booth at the Women in Aviation International Conference.

The 34th Annual Women in Aviation International Conference (WAI), which took place February 23–25 in Long Beach, Calif., drew more than 4,500 attendees from around the world and across a broad range of age groups. ALPA volunteers were on hand during the three-day event to share their passion for aviation, greeting attendees at ALPA’s booth in the exhibit hall and engaging with both current aviation professionals and future aviators. They answered questions about the benefits of being an ALPA member, of which 6 percent are women; provided information about how to pursue a career as an airline pilot; and offered guidance about career advancement. There was even a flight simulator at the booth, giving attendees a chance to demonstrate their flying skills and learn some of the finer points of piloting from a professional.

In addition, ALPA members participated in panel discussions to help educate aspiring pilots about aviation programs at various colleges and universities, the availability of scholarship opportunities, and how to get involved with mentoring programs.

Take a look at ALPA members in action at this year’s conference. 

Capt. Wendy Morse, ALPA’s first vice president, talks with current and aspiring pilots about issues affecting the profession.

Capt. Dani Schreiber (PSA) teaches a young girl to land an aircraft.

Capt. Sara Baer (Alaska), back right, and F/O Miyukiko Kostelny (United), front right, answer questions about ALPA and the piloting profession.

From left, Capt. Kandy Bernskoetter (FedEx Express), ALPA’s Membership Committee chair, moderates a discussion with Capt. Alison Britton (Delta), WAI CEO Allison McKay, Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance President Stacey Rudser, and Capt. Sara Baer (Alaska) on balancing work and home life.

Capt. Claudia Zapata-Cardone (United), ALPA’s Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion Committee vice chair, right, shares her journey to the flight deck with 250 girls ages eight to 18.

F/O Stacey Jackson (WestJet) helps a teenager learn to fly during the Girls in Aviation Day Long Beach event.

F/O Kaori Paris (United) participates on a panel about how to become an airline pilot.

F/O Justin Dahan (FedEx Express), ALPA’s Education Committee chair, speaks with an aspiring aviator about career pathways.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars and join ALPA at the 35th annual Women in Aviation International Conference, which will take place in Orlando, Fla., March 21–23, 2024.

This article was originally published in the April 2023 issue of Air Line Pilot.

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