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Alaska Airlines Master Executive Council


MEC Officers

William "Will" McQuillen

(206) 241-3138

Garin Tentschert

(951) 970-3177

Scott Rubin

(253) 670-6023

Daniel Richards

(360) 513-3513

Andrew "Drew" Coyle

Executive Administrator
(208) 631-1701

Joseph Youngerman

Executive Vice-President
(703) 861-4971

About the Air Line Pilots Association, International

Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) represents and advocates for more than 77,000 pilots at 43 U.S. and Canadian airlines, making it the world’s largest airline pilot union. Our mission is to promote and champion all aspects of aviation safety throughout all segments of the aviation community; to represent, in both specific and general respects, the collective interests of all pilots in commercial aviation. Learn more about ALPA>>

Alaska Master Executive Council

Who We Are

The Alaska Airlines Master Executive Council (ALA MEC) of the Air Line Pilots Association, International is the governing body that represents approximately 3,000 Alaska Airlines pilots. The MEC and its committees work with ALPA’s professional staff work to protect and advance the careers of Alaska pilots.

Our Mission

The MEC’s mission is to improve and protect the wages, benefits, work rules, and job security of all Alaska Airlines pilots.

What We Do

As the formal collective bargaining agent for Alaska Airlines pilots, the MEC is charged with negotiating pilot contracts and promoting airline safety and security. With the support of the MEC’s pilot volunteers who help run the union’s day to day operations, they work to uphold the pilots’ contract, maintain safety, and position our pilot group for the upcoming growth of our airline and continued career success.

Organizational Structure

Every two years, the ALA MEC elects a slate of four officers (chairman, vice chairman, secretary-treasurer, and executive administrator), Alaska Airlines pilots elected to serve their fellow pilots. The MEC officers, following the direction of the members, oversee MEC funds, establish MEC committees, appoint committee chairs, and give direction to the Negotiating Committee regarding bargaining.

The Alaska Airlines MEC is composed of five Local Executive Councils (LECs), one for the pilots in each of the company’s bases (Anchorage, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles). Each LEC is led by three elected officers (chairman, vice chairman, and secretary-treasurer) who are pilot volunteers. These LEC officers process grievances, represent their members in the chief pilot’s office, oversee the local council budget, maintain local council records, and conduct local council meetings.

ALPA Hierarchy Organizational Chart