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United Pilots want what everyone wants – a reasonable work-life balance and compensation competitive with our peers.


As United Airlines Pilots, we keep uppermost in our minds the safety, comfort, and well-being of the passengers who entrust their lives to us and are our first and greatest responsibility. We enjoy the privilege of responsibility and have committed our careers to the safe service of our passengers, our profession, and our company. We have decades of experience in all facets of airline safety, innovation, and efficiency. Safety, innovation, and efficiency translate into profitability. These tenets and our dedication to them form the backbone of this great Global Airline. This is who we are.

Pilot picket line in Houston, Texas
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Pilots picketing at Newark Airport

Like all working people, United Pilots strive for a healthy work – life balance. We want a management that recognizes and acknowledges our commitment, experience, and dedication to running a truly First-Class Global Airline. While most of the world was sheltering in place during the Pandemic, we were still flying. Some pilots are now afflicted with long term Covid as a result. Those personal health sacrifices and our willingness to work with management through those dark days have positioned United for unprecedented growth and sustained profitability. The shrinking pool of high-quality prospective pilots will likely choose the airline that best offers them the highest levels of work-life balance in the market. What do we want? Our negotiations with CEO Scott Kirby’s management team have entered our fifth year on a contract with work rules that have not been updated in more than a decade. We are not being unreasonable. We want a fair and equitable share of the prosperity that we have helped to build and want the best pilots in the world to become United Pilots.

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From San Francisco to Singapore, Chicago to Cape Town, or Houston to Honolulu, United Pilots fly to the four corners of the world with you. We do this every day, week, month, and all year long. We fly you safely during summer and winter weather events, and in the most congested airspace the world has to offer. Where are we? We are there with you.

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Father and son playing golf wearing Contract First United Next lanyards

We share passengers’ concerns about schedule reliability. When you are delayed, there are United Pilots and Flight Attendants delayed with you. When your flight gets cancelled, like you, there are pilots and flight attendants whose schedules are disrupted, and personal lives thrown into disarray. Schedule integrity and efficiency are paramount to us. Only short-sighted managements short-change efficient and livable schedules for their employees. Why are we here? Because United management fails to recognize this and takes concrete action to fix decades old, obsolete scheduling rules and practices.

When management recognizes the value that United Pilots bring to our airline, we become the most pro-management employees in the business. Collaboration is the key to success.

No one desires a successful United more than United Pilots.

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UAL Picketing the United Investor Day at WiIlis Tower, April 19, 2023
UAL Picketing in NYC at JP Morgan on April 14, 2023
UAL Picketing at LAX, January 25, 2023
UAL Picketing at SFO, January 18, 2022
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