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ALPA Canada is the segment of the Air Line Pilots Association that manages all things Canadian, representing the interests of thousands of professional pilots who operate a diverse range of aircraft in all sorts of conditions across Canada, as well as internationally.

ALPA Canada’s three officers include the president, vice president/IFALPA director, and vice president–administration and finance. These officers are responsible for carrying out the policies and directives of the ALPA Canada Board, acting on ALPA International positions with Canadian institutions, and developing specific positions on matters of national interest to Canadian pilots. Learn more about the officers who represent the Association’s Canadian members.


  • Insurance for Canadian Members

    ALPA offers its members in Canada multiple benefit plans for purchase, including basic life, group life, auto & home, critical illness, and more. These plans are administered by the ALPA Canada Insurance Trust, which is a committee of the Canada Board.


  • Canadian Pilots Are Trained for Life

    Who protects lives in the skies over Canada? Our pilots are some of the best-trained in the industry, dedicated to always putting passenger safety first. Despite the unique challenges, the Canadian standard for passenger and cargo safety is unmatched. With continuous training to maneuver through hazardous weather, land on icy runways, and fly through engine failures, our pilots are ready for the unexpected and prepared for the future. Read how Canadian pilots are trained for life.


  • Flight-Time/Duty-Time Calculator

    The FTDT Calculator allows you to quickly and easily calculate your rest period, maximum duty time, and maximum flight time based on the new regulations. Simply input the necessary information and the calculator will automatically help you keep track of the number of hours you’ve been flying and on duty.

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