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On May 25, 2022, Alaska Airlines pilots overwhelmingly voted “yes” in a strike authorization ballot. We expect to work under the same conditions and with the same career security that pilots at competitor airlines have enjoyed for a decade. Learn More »

Welcome - West Coast Tour


The Air Line Pilots Association Int’l (ALPA) Alaska Airlines Master Executive Council (MEC) is currently on the West Coast Cookout Tour. The MEC is currently in contract negotiations with Alaska Airlines management, and we use this Vehicle to meet with pilot families as we work to protect the wages, benefits, work rules, and job security of Alaska Airlines' pilots. We also use the Vehicle in the communities where we work and live, volunteering in outreach events, supporting non-profits, and educational events.

Learn by following us on social media. If you are a pilot or a family member, click here to learn more about our family outreach events.


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