No-Cost Coverage to Apprentice Members

ALPA-Sponsored Member Benefit Plans

ALPA offers a variety of optional insurance programs that were designed by pilots for pilots—many available at no cost or with discounts* for apprentice and/or reactivated members.

First Time Apprentice Members are eligible to participate in VEBA Trust no-cost coverage, provided that they elect to participate on their Membership Application or confirm their election on-line. The following benefits are available at no-cost for up to 12 months following your hire date:

ALPA National Disability Plan (Base)

  • $1,200 monthly Loss of License
  • For additional coverage purchased by first-time Apprentice members, reduced rates* apply during the apprentice period and for up to two years from the hire date.

Group Term Life Insurance

  • $50,000
  • Additional benefits for first-time Apprentice members, for up to the 24 months following the hire date, are billed at a reduced rate*.

Critical Illness

  • $10,000 in Critical Illness insurance.
  • Additional coverage purchased by the first-time apprentice members, reduced rates* apply during the 24 months following the hire date.

Accident Insurance

  • Accident Insurance pays you benefits for specific injuries and events resulting from a covered accident on or after the coverage effective date. The amount paid depends on the type of injury and care received.

To apply online for additional coverage (spouse, child, family) and update your dependents and beneficiary information:

Go to on the “Insurance” tab. The enrollment portal is also available on the ALPA Member Insurance page. If you are new to the site, please read the ALPA Insurance Online Enrollment Guide to learn how to register for and use this new enrollment tool, powered by Empyrean Benefit Solutions.


* Any “discounted” or “reduced” rates are as a result of ALPA subsidizing a portion of the premium.

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