ALPA U.S. Part 117 Calculator

The ALPA Part 117 Calculator and Guide is a self-contained software application (known as an “App”) developed by ALPA as an aid to assist ALPA U.S. members in tracking their flight and duty times and in identifying potential compliance, or non-compliance, with Part 117 of the federal aviation regulations.   It is currently available to ALPA members at no additional cost for download on Apple (iOS), Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets. For more information on the ALPA U.S. Part 117 App, please see the Frequently Asked Questions, below, or review ALPA's Guide to Part 117 Flight-Time Limitations and Rest Requirements .

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What do I use as login credentials for the app?

ALPA members may log into the app using their ALPA number and password just like they would for the website.

I would like clarification on how to enter report time and time zone correction. Do I always enter Local time and then put my difference from Zulu for correction or do I put my Zulu time and correct for home?

For report time, it is up to your carrier if you are using local or base time when acclimated. For this example we will use base time. So if your report is SEA 0700 local and you are based in ATL, you would enter 1000 -5 into the app for report, because it is currently 1000 in Atlanta, and the time zone for Atlanta is -5 (non daylight savings time).

When entering flight segment information do I use local time, or Zulu?

For flight segments it does not matter if you choose to use local, base, or Zulu time values, as long as the time zones next to the block times are set correctly for the option you are choosing. Let us use SEA to ATL 5 hour flight with a base of ATL as an example.

  • You can enter local times - SEA 1100 (-8000) to ATL 1900 (-0500)
  • Or Zulu times - SEA 1900 (0000) to ATL 0000 (0000)
  • Or base times - SEA 1400 (-0500) to ATL 1900 (-0500)

They all result in a 5 hours from departure to arrival.

How do I enter a deadhead segment or a deadhead duty period?

You don’t need to enter a deadhead duty period because it is not a Flight Duty Period and is not tracked for FAR 117 purposes. A deadhead after your last flight segment does not count for FAR 117 purposes. 

How do I account for post flight duties?

You do not; for FAR 117 purposes the flight duty period ends with the last flight segment

I put in the parameters but it will not stop calculating duty time. I clicked on conclude flight duty period but it says I must complete a flight segment. What do I do?

In order to conclude a flight duty period you must enter a flight segment. If you do not have any flight segments simply delete the Flight Duty Period. A Flight duty period must contain a flight segment with the exception of airport reserve without an assignment.

I have not acclimated, as I have neither the required rest nor time in theater. How do I proceed?

If you were not acclimated, you would put the local time for the theater you were last acclimated to as your report. Example: If your report is at 8:00 -05:00 in ATL, and you were last acclimated to ANC, you would enter 04:00 -09:00 as your report, because at 8am in Atlanta it is 4am in Anchorage, and the time zone offset for Anchorage is -09:00 (non daylight savings time). 

How is a gate return handled with a second departure from the same airport?

It depends on the circumstances of the return to the gate.

How do I delete a Flight Duty Period?

Go to the cumulative section, and then click the List Flight Duty Period button. For Android - Then click on the edit button (pencil icon) to reveal the delete button (red X). Press the red X on the Flight Duty Period in question to delete it. For iOS – Then swipe across left to right or right to left on the FDP in question to reveal the delete button. Click Delete. Or Tap on the FDP in question then tap on the trashcan icon to delete.

Can you give an option to put an end time in when you forget to hit the conclude button?

Regardless of when you actually press the conclude flight duty period button, the last flight segment block in time will be used as the end of the flight duty period.

I searched the iTunes store for the application but I cannot find it for my iPad, how do I get it?

Download it here or in the search filter, change iPad only to iPhone then search again,. 

Does ALPA have a guide or documentation on the policy or the app itself?

Yes, view the policy overview ; it's also found within the app. The app has a tutorial you can get to by tapping the "i" information icon in the lower right corner.