August 10, 2021

South Central Florida Airspace and Procedures Changing

Starting August 12, the FAA will implement the second phase of the South Central Florida metroplex airspace and procedures redesign, which optimizes airspace and modifies 76 procedures including 38 standard instrument departures (SIDs) and 31 standard terminal arrivals (STARs). The redesign improves traffic flow for Orlando International Airport (MCO), Tampa International (TPA), Palm Beach International (PBI), Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International (FLL), and Miami International (MIA) as well as air traffic control facilities (ATC) that manage airspace servicing the southeast United States, Caribbean, and Atlantic Oceanic regions.

The FAA has invited ALPA Air Safety Organization representatives to monitor the implementation process, systematically evaluating the Metroplex design for four days. During this period, ATC facilities may use traffic management initiatives (TMI), such as miles in trail (MIT), and runway configuration plans to ensure procedures, traffic flow, and air/ground automation are working as designed. The implementation process also allows controllers and pilots to become familiar with the new procedures during the four-day process. 

ALPA recommends flight crews operating in this airspace and at these airports review all pertinent instrument procedures, follow ATC instructions, and remain vigilant. Pilots are reminded and encouraged to exercise your command authority as necessary for any safety issue during the implementation process. We also recommend that flight crews file Aviation Safety Action Program reports to improve flight procedures, FMS programming issues, and overall safety.

Additional Resources

Please direct questions and concerns to Engineering and Air Safety at or 800-424-2470.