January 13, 2021

ALPA Statement on the Indefensible Events of January 6

The indefensible events that took place in our nation’s capital on January 6 have had enormous implications across the country and have even spilled over into our aircraft. Regardless of what happens on the ground away from our airports, it is vital for airline pilots to mitigate any potential in-flight threats prior to takeoff and to exercise pilot authority when deciding to divert when safety is at risk. ALPA’s mandate for 90 years ¬≠has been to ensure the safety and security of every flight and this will always be ALPA’s paramount concern. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Aviation security today is dependent on a multilayered approach, and we have been a staunch supporter of risk-based security measures for decades. On every flight, the vigilance, dedication, and professionalism of ALPA pilots help keep our skies safe, and we support all efforts that make flying even safer.

Whether it is dealing with a pandemic, economic downturn, or events like 9/11, airline pilot professionalism, which is defined by an oath to safety not personal politics, has helped our country recover from dark times in the past—and that professionalism will keep our skies safe and help move our country forward today.

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