Release #: ALA: 20.01
January 20, 2020

Alaska Airlines Pilot Union Leaders Elect Leadership as Talks Ramp Up at the Negotiating Table

SEATTLE—The voting members of the Alaska Airlines Master Executive Council (MEC) of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) have elected four officers to represent the airline’s 3,100 pilots. These officers will lead the pilots as the union continues to address much-needed improvements to the contract, which include quality-of-life and job-security issues. Negotiations started nine months ago, and the pilots’ contract will become amendable on April 1, 2020.

During this election, the MEC displayed a significant sign of unity by electing all positions by acclamation or by unanimous vote. This crucial display of solidarity will more strongly enable union leaders to negotiate a contract that is competitive and reflects current industry norms.

The following officers will serve two-year terms that begin March 1, 2020:

Capt. Will McQuillen—Chairman

Capt. Will McQuillen is a Seattle-based B-737 pilot and the current MEC chairman. Previously, he has served as the Alaska MEC vice chairman and as MEC secretary-treasurer. In 2009, McQuillen became the Membership Committee chairman and served in that position until being elected to the MEC. He was hired by Alaska in 2006, having previously flown for Horizon Air and United Airlines. After being furloughed from United Airlines following 9/11, he flew for regional carrier SkyWest. He lives in Maple Valley, Wash., with his wife, who is also an Alaska pilot, and their two children.

Capt. Joe Youngerman—Vice Chairman

A320 Capt. Joe Youngerman currently serves as the Group A Executive vice president for Alaska Airlines pilots at ALPA. He will continue in that role in addition to assuming the responsibilities of MEC vice chairman. He is based in San Francisco and joined Virgin America in 2009 and became an Alaska pilot in 2016 when the companies merged. Capt. Youngerman has served a term as secretary-treasurer and two terms as chairman for the former Virgin America MEC. Previously, Capt. Youngerman worked at Midwest Airlines for 13 years until he was furloughed. He lives in Las Vegas, Nev., with his wife and daughter.

Capt. Garin Tentschert—Secretary

Capt. Garin Tentschert is a Seattle-based B-737 pilot. He is a retired colonel for the United States Air Force of 30 years. He has flown the C-17 Globemaster III and C-141 Starlifter, as well as commanded operational reserve squadrons. He became an Alaska pilot in 2000 where he served as a technical pilot, flight operations duty officer, Seattle base chief pilot, and interim system chief pilot. Capt. Tentschert lives in Black Diamond, Wash., with his wife and two of his four children.

Capt. Scott Mokos—Treasurer

Capt. Scott Mokos is also a Seattle-based B-737 pilot and current MEC treasurer. He has served in various roles, including Family Awareness block leader, Pilot-to-Pilot Committee chairman and MEC secretary-treasurer. He joined the airline in 2006 and two years later began his union work with the Alaska MEC. Mokos lives in Graham, Wash., with his wife and two children.


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