Outside the Box: Better Ideas for Air Cargo Safety and Security

By Capt. Joe DePete

Today, I had the privilege of helping to host ALPA’s Air Cargo Symposium. This one-day event provided a rare opportunity to hear from experts from across aviation’s all-cargo sector on ways improve safety and security for this vital segment of the transportation industry.

Along with ALPA President Capt. Tim Canoll, we welcomed FAA Administrator Michael Huerta and National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Christopher Hart who addressed attendees, and those viewing the live webcast, on collaborative and innovative efforts to increase cargo safety and productivity.

We were joined by ALPA leaders, experienced pilots, and other industry experts including airline and aircraft representatives for discussions on focused on important issues facing the air cargo industry today.

While all-cargo environments are sophisticated corporations that operate highly complex flight and ground operations, collectively we can identify areas of all-cargo operations where safety and security improvements can and should be made.

As the world’s largest non-governmental aviation safety organization, ALPA has spent years advocating for One Level of Safety and Security for not only our members, but the entire aviation industry. Cargo pilots deliver goods to all corners of the globe in all kinds of weather and operating conditions and it is critical that we work together to identify solutions where we can create a safer, more secure operating environment.

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