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The Pilot Data Report (PDR) is the most efficient tool for transmitting real-time issues to your union. It is essentially the equivalent of sending a direct e-mail to the appropriate union committee or member of leadership you need to reach, but with added benefits.

First, PDRs allow our union to track and ensure that your issue has been received and is resolved with an appropriate response. Essentially, the PDR you submit prevents your communication from getting lost in someone’s inbox.

Second, and probably more importantly, PDRs allow for critical data collection and can be extremely helpful in identifying systemic issues affecting the pilot group. The knowledge base these reports generate helps us identify recurring problems experienced by the pilot group and put an end to them whenever possible. As you can see, this is an extremely valuable tool your MEC uses in the defense of your contract.

When you file a PDR, the report goes directly to the committee selected. This will get it in front of the correct people faster. Most issues can be reported via the PDR system. Those that involve privacy issues, such as the Pilot Assistance Network or Human Intervention Motivational Study, for example, will still require a direct e-mail or phone call to those committees.