Welcome to ALPA, PAL Aerospace Pilots!

On July 22, the Canada Industrial Relations Board certified ALPA as your representative. Congratulations to you, and congratulations to the PAL Aerospace ALPA Organizing Committee. The committee worked very hard and ran an extremely positive campaign. And they certainly demonstrated that they are pro-PAL Aerospace, pro-pilot, and pro-ALPA!

Now that ALPA is your representative, we'll establish an ALPA structure at PAL Aerospace right away. The first step will be for our ALPA national officers to appoint PAL Aerospace pilots who will serve as your temporary representatives. We will send you their names immediately following their appointment, which will take place very soon.

The next step will be elections for permanent representatives and officers. If you submitted a membership card and $5.00 during the drive, you will be an ALPA member right away and will soon receive your ALPA number. For those who did not complete a membership card during the campaign, we will walk you through the process of how to submit ALPA’s membership application.

Read the full welcome email from ALPA's president, Capt. Joe DePete.

Introducing Your Temporary Representatives and Officers

SPR 232 has been established as a probationary local council for PAL Aerospace. The following have been appointed temporary representatives and temporary officers. Note that because SPR is a single council airline, the LEC officers are also the MEC officers.

  • Jack Parlee – SPR 232 Interim Captain Representative/Temporary Chairman and SPR MEC Temporary Chairman
  • Kegan Stacey – SPR 232 Interim First Officer Representative/Temporary Vice Chairman and SPR MEC Temporary Vice Chairman
  • Catherine Hogarth – SPR 232 Temporary Secretary-Treasurer and SPR MEC Temporary Secretary-Treasurer

Membership Application & Information

Remember, dues obligations will begin only after your pilot group reaches a collective agreement. If you filed a membership card during the campaign, congratulations! You’re already an ALPA member. To receive your ALPA member number and password, please contact ALPA’s Membership Administration at Membership@alpa.org or 1-888-FLY-ALPA (1.888.359.2572) OPTION 3 - 3 (Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm ET.)

If you did not file a card, please complete our membership application. Type in the information, affix your electronic signature and select the “SUBMIT” button to return the form electronically to ALPA. 

While ALPA’s professional staff and extensive resources are always available to assist pilots, self-governance is the cornerstone of this organization. Provincial and Air Borealis pilots, serving as elected representatives, will set the agenda and determine and address the issues that are most important to the pilot group.