ALPA Air Safety Awards Archive


1957 First Air Safety Award
E. A. “Ernie” Cutrell

Helped develop standards for centerline approach light system, which was adopted as a national standard.

1958 Safety Award
John D. Smith

Worked on improving the ATC and navigation facilities in the “golden triangle” between Chicago, New York, and Washington, leading to reduced collision hazards.

1959 Safety Award
Homer Mouden

As a permanent member of the ICAO Airworthiness Committee, helped develop airworthiness and performance requirements for transport aircraft.

1959 Safety Award
R. A. Stone

Worked to get aircraft lighting improved to reduce airborne collision hazards and worked with RTCA to develop initial collision-warning devices.

1960 Safety Award
Larry DeCelles

Helped advance accident investigation, including work leading to understanding the cause of a 1955 accident in Albuquerque, N.M.

1960 Safety Award
E. R. Watson Jr.

Worked on advances in pilot training standards through developing, starting, and chairing the ALPA Training Plans Committee.

1961 Joint Safety Award
W. L. Collier Jr.
Pan American

Through participation in ICAO and National Fire Protection Association Committees, worked on advances in firefighting and rescue equipment at airports used for scheduled air carrier operations.

1961 Joint Safety Award
B. Victor Hewes

Through participation in ICAO and National Fire Protection Association Committees, worked on advances in firefighting and rescue equipment at airports used for scheduled air carrier operations.

1962 Safety Award
E. J. Bechtold

Worked on improving flight safety procedures in scheduled air carrier operations and on other activities for increasing aviation safety.

1963 Safety Award
Robert N. Buck

Conducted research in meteorology for aviation information and engaged in other activities that advanced air carrier operations.

1964 Safety Award
Paul Soderlind

Helped develop procedures for operating jet aircraft in areas of turbulent weather to prevent jet upset, which led to the airline industry adopting revised standards.

1965 Safety Award
John McDonald

Worked on significant advances in aircraft accident investigation and determination of causes.

1966 Safety Award
Joseph W. Meek

Served as ALPA’s first Executive Air Safety chair and helped develop advances in airworthiness and performance standards and accident investigation.

1967 Safety Award
Ray C. Gerber
Pan American
Served as ALPA’s second Executive Air Safety chair and helped develop standards for Category II operations in jet airliners.

1968 Safety Award
Richard H. Beck
Helped develop numerous technical papers that communicated ALPA positions to the airline industry and the government, which led to improvements in all-weather operations, including Category II.

1969 Safety Award
Donald A. Heine
Republic (North Central)

As a member of ALPA’s Rescue and Firefighting Committee, helped get improvements in aircraft firefighting techniques, including testing at airline airports.

1970 Safety Award
Lee E. Hines

Worked on enacting the Airport and Airways Act of 1970, which implemented funding and certification standards and led to improved airport safety.

1971 Safety Award
Gene Banning
Pan American

First chair of the SAE Safety Standardization Advisory Committee, which developed systems for preventing fuel explosions on airliners.

1971 Safety Award
W. W. Betts

Prime motivator for establishing the ALPA Air Safety Coordinating Committee and helped improve accident cause determination by championing continued investigation beyond “pilot error.”

1972 Safety Award
W. T. Alford

Engaged in activities leading to research in airport paving criteria, including development of a runway longitudinal-profile measurement device.

1973 Joint Safety Award
James Eckols

Helped develop standards for handling and carrying dangerous goods on transport aircraft, implemented initially through the ALPA S.T.O.P. program.

1973 Joint Safety Award
Donald Dunn

Helped develop standards for handling and carrying dangerous goods on transport aircraft, implemented initially through the ALPA S.T.O.P. program.

1974 Safety Award
Robert Rockwell

Worked on noise abatement, air traffic control, and accident investigation, resulting in improved noise-abatement procedures that led to a nationwide reduction of safety hazards.

1975 Safety Award
H. Ray Lahr

Worked on operational safety improvements, especially on behalf of flight crews in the area of noise-abatement procedures, including limitations on downwind landings.

1976 Safety Award
Frank “Sam” Houston

Worked with IFALPA, in conjunction with the airline industry and government, to improve safe operations in the Pacific.

1976 Safety Award
Louis M. McNair

Developed, wrote, and taught the ALPA guidelines for accident investigation that set the standard for the U.S. airline industry and worked to improve ATC procedures.

1977 Safety Award
William W. “Bill” Melvin

Concentrated on airworthiness and performance problems, especially on wind shear; his incisive study contributed to the aviation industry’s greater understanding of the phenomenon.

1978 Safety Award
John Stefanki

Worked on establishing airport disaster plans at all major U.S. air carrier airports.

1979 Safety Award
Al Harris

Worked on accident investigation, aircraft certification, and local safety representation, leading to reduced flight hazards and improved ATC terminal arrival procedures.

1980 Safety Award
Joseph G. Oliver Jr.

Led the All-Weather Flying Committee, resulting in development of a series of technical revisions and critiques of advanced aircraft instrumentation, cockpit displays, and automated aircraft landing systems, all of which led to substantially improved flight path information available to pilots.

1981 Safety Award
J.J. Ruddy Jr.

While serving as Local Air Safety chair, Washington, D.C.-area safety coordinator, and chair of the Airport Standards Committee, helped to revise obstruction standards, improve airport visual aids, and establish a National Runway Friction Measurement Program.

1982 Safety Award
Richard Deeds
Delta (Western)

While serving as San Francisco-area safety coordinator, worked in conjunction with the airline industry to solve noise and airport construction problems.

1983 Safety Award
Jack D. Howell

Served as Executive Air Safety chair, ATC Committee chair, and as representative to the Secondary Surveillance Radar Improvements and Collision Avoidance System Panel and the Extended Twin-Engine Operations (ETOPS) Study Group, resulting in international agreement on collision avoidance systems and ETOPS safety standards.

1984 Safety Award
Patrick Clyne

Led the ALPA Aviation Weather Project, resulting in improved weather information for flight crews.

1985 Safety Award
James McIntyre

Served as chair of the SAE Fight Operations Committee and representative to NASA’s ASRS program, while being active in accident investigation and applying special expertise in the areas of flight safety, professional standards, and human factors.

1986 Safety Award
Dan Donovan

Created a safety structure for pilots of North Central and Republic that became a model for other pilot groups.

1987 Safety Award
Melvin R. Hoagland

Instrumental in bringing aircraft design problems to the attention of SAE, resulting in appointment as a member of the Joint Government/Industry Task Force for Human Performance.

1988 Safety Award
Dave Haase

As chair of ALPA’s Airport Standards Committee and as Central Air Safety chair for TWA pilots, led ALPA activities in ground deicing and runway incursions, resulting in revised national standards.

1989 Safety Award
Richard Russell

Worked on effective communication with the airline industry during 25 years of service in many safety positions, from Local Air Safety chair to ALPA Regional Safety coordinator.

1990 Safety Award
Ted Selken
Pan American

Led ALPA’s initial Regional Safety Coordinator Training while serving as assistant Executive Air Safety chair, and as IFALPA North Atlantic regional vice president, helped form consensus on technical requirements for reduced vertical separation.

1991 Safety Award
Dave Fitzgerald

Work as the United pilots’ Central Air Safety chair led to instrumental findings of facts resulting in incident/hazard reduction and reduced engine-failure rates.

1992 Safety Award
Paul McCarthy

Leadership in many roles, including chair of the ALPA Accident Investigation Board and IFALPA representative to ICAO, resulted in substantive changes to ICAO Annex 13, Accident Investigation, and in work leading to implementation of Flight Operations Quality Assurance at U.S. airlines.

1993 Safety Award
D.B. Robinson

Made significant contributions in accident investigation as a member of the ALPA Accident Investigation Board and provided leadership of the United pilots’ Accident Investigation Committee.

1994 Safety Award
Tom Kreamer
US Air

Led the implementation of an altitude-awareness project at USAir and, as chair of ALPA’s ATC Committee and IFALPA North Atlantic regional vice president, worked on implementation standards for reduced vertical separation over the North Atlantic.

1995 Safety Award
Dick Duxbury

Worked to establish a strong and capable pilot volunteer safety structure at Northwest while serving as the MEC’s chief accident investigator and Central Air Safety vice chair.

1996 Safety Award
Wood Lockhart

As chair of the ALPA Airport Standards Committee and vice chair of the IFALPA Airport/Ground Environment Committee, led ALPA efforts for improved standards for airport design, including ICAO standards for new large aircraft and for reducing obstacles near airports.

1997 Safety Award
John Cox
US Airways

Served as US Airways MEC Central Air Safety chair and as a member of ALPA’s Accident Investigation Board and Airworthiness Committee, with work leading to improvements in B-737 operating procedures and airworthiness.

1998 Safety Award
Dave Smith

As chair of ALPA’s MMEL Working Group and of the ALPA Operations Committee, coordinated action on master minimum equipment lists that resulted in realistic operating requirements with inoperative equipment.

1999 Safety Award
Ray Brice

Served as Central Air Safety chair for the United MEC, implementing and overseeing new safety programs, such as FOQA, ETOPS, and LAHSO.

2000 Safety Award
Ken Adams

While serving as Central Air Safety chair for Delta pilots, developed the Safety Mind, a publication devoted to flight safety issues provided to all Delta pilots and an improved pilot volunteer safety structure, resulting in enhanced awareness and reporting of safety issues.

2001 Safety Award
Mack Moore

While leading the ALPA Airport/Ground Environment Group, Regional Safety structure, and Airport Liaison Program, developed ALPA’s airport liaison training course and contributed to efforts for reducing runway incursions, which improved industry relations with airport operators.

2002 Safety Award
Tom Phillips
US Airways

Worked to improve airport rescue firefighting services, which led to improvements in cabin safety, accident survivability, and aircraft operations.

2003 Safety Award
Mitchell Serber

As chair of the ALPA Operations Committee, he provided leadership and expertise on various projects related to accident investigation, critical incident response, and the Aviation Safety Action Program.

2004 Safety Award
Robert Sumwalt
US Airways

As chair of the ALPA Human Factors and Training Group, he provided leadership and expertise in the area of human factors, pilot training, and the role each plays in the prevention of aircraft incidents and accidents. Helped in the foundation of the ALPA Critical Incident Response Program, the ALPA Training Council, and the US Airways Altitude Awareness Program.

2005 Safety Award
Lindsay Fenwick

As chair of the ALPA Accident Analysis Group, he provided leadership and expertise by serving as a member of the ALPA Accident Investigation Board for nearly a decade, serving as the U.S. representative on the IFALPA Accident Analysis Committee, and was selected as the vice president–Technical Programs for IFALPA. He was also active for many years in the International Society for Air Safety Investigators and contributed significantly to the development of the ALPA basic and advanced accident investigation courses while serving as course director.

2006 Safety Award
Robert Perkins
Air Canada Jazz

Served on the ALPA Safety Steering and Oversight Committee as the Air Safety coordinator–Canada, representing those unique needs directly to the Executive Air Safety chair. He simultaneously served as the Airport Ground Environment (AGE) Group vice chair and as the IFALPA AGE chair. Among the many industry/government panels he has served on are several parts of the Transport Canada CARAC as well as the Plenary, the NAV CANADA Runway Incursion Panel, and the Transport Canada Aerodrome Standards Working Group.

2006 First Aviation Security Award
Ron Silberman

Distinguished himself as an aviation structural engineer, a professional pilot, and as an advocate for greatly needed aircraft security improvements including secondary barriers. He also actively volunteered and served in a variety of duties on the NWA-ALPA Security Committee beginning in 2001.

2007 Safety Award
Terry McVenes
US Airways

Served as ALPA Executive Air Safety chair until April 2008. He represented ALPA pilots in airline safety and engineering matters arising within the industry. His responsibilities included oversight of more than 600 safety representatives from 43 airlines in the United States and Canada, as well as budgetary and management supervision of over 200 projects within the ALPA safety structure.

2007 Security Award
Ed Folsom

Served in a number of aviation security leadership roles for ALPA, most recently as the chair of the United Airlines MEC Security Committee and chair of the ALPA Security Council. He also worked with the Passenger Cargo Security Group and the Federal Flight Deck Officers Association to further enhance aviation security, including a project to build support for mandatory secondary barriers on all commercial and cargo airliners.

2008 Safety Award
David Wells

Had a career-long dedication to aviation safety, protecting the interests of the pilots at FedEx and the entire piloting profession through his work. In 1999, he participated on the FAA’s Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee effort to create rest requirements for reserve pilots. In addition, he joined regulators, scientists, airlines, and other stakeholders from around the world from 2001 to 2005 in a collaborative effort to design guidance for ultra-long-range operations of more than 16 hours.

2008 Security Award
Craig Hall
Jazz Air, Inc.

He forged critical relationships for ALPA with other airline security stakeholders, including Transport Canada, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Canadian Air Carrier Protective Program. In addition, he has represented the interests of ALPA pilots both to the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

2008 First Pilot Assistance Award
John Lux

Was known as the “Father of Pilot Assistance” at Federal Express, but that title doesn’t do him enough credit, as his work improved the lives of pilots around the world over his many years of service. A dedicated trade unionist, He took on the task of organizing FedEx’s “helping” committees—Aeromedical, Crisis Response, Substance Abuse, and Professional Standards—both when FedEx was part of ALPA and during the pilot group’s brief tenure as an independent union. He helped define the concept of an all-encompassing human performance program aimed at assisting pilots with all their physical, mental, and emotional needs.

2009 Safety Award
Ray Gélinas
Jazz Air, Inc.

Chaired the ALPA Air Safety Committee’s Accident Analysis and Prevention Group, is a member of ALPA’s Accident Investigation Board, is an accident investigator for the Jazz ALPA Master Executive Council, and serves as an instructor for ALPA’s Safety Two School and Advanced Accident Investigation School.

2009 Security Award
William McReynolds

Best known for his work with air cargo security issues, he chaired the ALPA President’s Committee for Cargo (PCFC) and served as the director of cargo for ALPA’s National Security Committee. As PCFC chair, he led a group of pilot security representatives who monitor security, safety, and labor issues that are unique to or prevalent in the all-cargo arena to make sure that they are properly addressed as they pertain to all-cargo operations. He has aggressively pursued “One Level of Safety and Security” for both air freight and passenger operations.

2009 Pilot Assistance Award
Richard Wilkening
American Eagle

Worked with the Aeromedical and the Human Intervention Motivation Study committees. As an active member of these Pilot Assistance functions, he continues to serve as pilot liaison to ALPA’s Aeromedical Office, working with pilots who are dealing with personal challenges and, in some cases, helps them restore their FAA medical certification. He has assisted members of both ALPA and non-ALPA pilot groups.

2010 Safety Award
Peter Frey

A driving force in accident and incident investigations for many years. He has served as the director of ALPA’s accident investigation course and coauthored and contributed to many of ALPA’s published accident analyses. For decades, ALPA pilots have counted on Captain Frey’s formidable strengths as a mentor and as a skilled and engaging instructor for ALPA’s accident investigation courses.

2010 Security Award
Robert Hesselbein

Led ALPA’s National Security Committee. During his tenure, the Association’s annual security training seminar became a leading international aviation security event. He also designed a comprehensive checklist to help pilots and flight attendants identify and deal with chemical and biological weapons. He began an initiative called “Threatened Airspace Management” to modify ATC procedures used during security-related events.

2010 Pilot Assistance Award
Madeline Tompkins
Hawaiian Airlines

Her exceptional leadership in supporting airline pilots who experience psychological trauma that could affect their personal lives and careers singles her out as a pioneer of critical incident response in aviation; pilots worldwide have benefited from her expertise. She participated on a special ALPA task force to develop a pilot assistance program, and, beginning in 1994, she led the union’s pilot assistance efforts; ALPA’s Critical Incident Response Program was formally established in 1996.

2011 Safety Award
William “Bill” de Groh
American Eagle

Serves as an ALPA volunteer at American Eagle, where he has been an accident investigator, MEC Air Safety vice chair, chair of the ALPA Aircraft Design and Operations Group, director of ALPA Aircraft Performance Programs, and most recently chair of the IFALPA Aircraft Design and Operations Committee.

2011 Security Award
Everett Reese
ExpressJet Airlines

Led the way in the struggle against ever-increasing security threats both at home and abroad. Captain Reese worked closely with the U.S. State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council to determine specific aviation security threats and solutions for operations in Afghanistan and Latin America. These efforts led the way for many other pilot groups and their airlines’ corporate security departments to develop similar policies and procedures for operating in hostile foreign environments.

2011 Pilot Assistance Award
Thomas O’Toole
Jazz Air Inc.

Canadian pilots have always turned to him when feeling overwhelmed by the realities of their personal and professional lives. Beginning with the crash of Swissair Flight 111 off Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1998 and through the aftermath of First Air Flight 6560 at Resolute, he has assisted both pilots and management through the trauma and stress of these serious accidents and other incidents. He has also counseled Canadian ALPA pilots in all areas of pilot assistance, from health concerns to retirement to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. He currently serves as ALPA’s Canada Pilot Assistance vice chair and Jazz MEC Pilot Assistance vice chair, and is active in recruiting and training future Pilot Assistance volunteers.

2012 Safety Award
Mark Rogers
United Airlines

Worked tirelessly since 1998 on the safe transport of dangerous goods on passenger and cargo aircraft. He is a staunch supporter of the proper training and handling of hazardous materials. He also served on the United Safety Committee as well as represented ALPA and IFALPA as director of their Dangerous Goods programs.

2012 Security Award
Wolfgang Koch
Delta Air Lines

Led ALPA’s efforts to preserve and protect the Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO). He was also involved in the development of CrewPASS and the Northwest and Delta MEC Security Committee.

2012 Pilot Assistance Award
John Kohne

Was involved in pilot assistance activities at FedEx Express for over 17 years in a number of different capacities. His leadership, dedication, empathy, demeanor, and integrity ensures constant focus on safe flying, even during contentious times such as contract negotiations and related job actions. His personal integrity allows straightforward and open lines of communication with FedEx Express management, resulting in an ever-improving work environment for his fellow crewmembers.

2013 Air Safety Award
Mike Bender

Worked tirelessly for years as an ALPA safety volunteer, accident investigator, and safety course instructor. Member of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) Accident Analysis and Prevention Committee since 2009 and was a leader in several international aviation accident investigations as well as a mentor to line pilot accident investigators in the United States, Canada, and abroad..

2013 Security Award
Robert Hamilton
PSA Airlines

Chairman of the ALPA Security Council and chairman of the Security Committee for his pilot group’s Master Executive Council. The public face of ALPA’s efforts to decrease the number of laser illuminations of aircraft cockpits from the ground. Was a key player in the nationwide Laser Threat Awareness campaign led by the FBI and supported by ALPA as well as a subject matter expert on laser threats to pilots.

2013 Pilot Assistance Award
Isabelle Caron
Jazz Aviation

A member of the Canadian Pilot Assistance effort since 2004. She has worked with Canadian pilots in many aspects of pilot assistance, providing ongoing assistance to all Montreal-based Jazz pilots ranging from Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP) issues to conflict resolution. F/O Caron has helped pilots to overcome professional and personal obstacles so they can perform at their very best in the cockpit. She has provided outstanding assistance to pilots and other employees after the 2011 First Air Flight 6560 accident at Resolute Bay in Nunavut, Canada.

Helena Reidemar2014 Air Safety Award
Helena M. Reidemar
Delta Air Lines

First Officer Reidemar served as co-chair on a groundbreaking effort to enhance flight-path monitoring throughout the airline industry; this work culminated in a practical guide that is now the benchmark reference for airlines in improving pilot monitoring skills. She worked to form important bonds with industry, scientists, and regulators responsible for setting the U.S. national direction in pilot training and safety system design. In 2014 she was named a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society for her internationally recognized body of work within the aviation human factors community.

Darrin Dorn2014 Aviation Security Award
Darrin Dorn
Alaska Airlines

A member of the ALA MEC Security Committee and the ALPA National Security Council for several years, Captain Dorn introduced the individual crewmember safety and security concept to ALPA to foster development of a training program for ALPA members, assisted in developing and filming the ALPA “Street Smarts” series of videos, and helped update the basic security training course for all new ALPA security volunteers. He helped develop new standard operating procedures for FFDOs and also helped develop the ALPA Hotel Security Course.

2014 Pilot Assistance Award
Thomas Thornton
Delta Air Lines

A member of his pilot group’s Professional Standards Committee for 17 years—15 of those years as committee chairman. Helped to completely transform the Professional Standards Committees at Northwest and Delta that interact with company management.

2015 Air Safety Award
John R. Klinger
Delta Air Lines

First Officer John R. Klinger has been advancing ALPA safety interests for two decades. Following the Delta/Northwest merger in 2008, Klinger served on the Flight Operations Integration Analysis Team—heralded as an industry model on how to integrate two complex and vastly differing airline operations. He brought his valuable experience to Delta from American Eagle in 1999 and has held various safety-focused positions since, collaborating with colleagues and management along the way. Through his efforts as a FOQA gatekeeper, he sought ways to integrate the voluntary safety reporting program with ASAP programs to better understand risk and safety processes. Those efforts formed a benchmark “CrossTalk” agreement that Delta ratified in November 2015, demonstrating what the industry can achieve with safety reporting programs when there is a positive, collaborative approach from all parties.

2015 Aviation Security Award
Richard B. Odbert
FedEx Express

The National Jumpseat Council chairman since 2012, as well as the FedEx Express MEC’s Jumpseat Committee chairman since 2005, Captain Richard B. Odbert played an instrumental role in creating and enhancing today’s jumpseating policies used throughout the industry. An early supporter and facilitator of Known Crewmember and the Cockpit Access Security System, Captain Odbert has served as a valuable resource to top-level decision makers and has directly influenced approvals for international jumpseating procedures. Captain Odbert’s dedication to the piloting profession and his fellow pilots led to his involvement in promoting jumpseating awareness and communication among pilots through the “No Pilot Left Behind” campaign. In addition to his leadership in numerous other projects, all while supporting efforts to increase flight deck security, Captain Odbert also established the website as a resource for all airline pilots.

2015 Pilot Assistance Award
R. Sean McKeown
United Airlines

Vice chairman of the United MEC’s Human Intervention & Motivational Study (HIMS) Committee, Captain R. Sean McKeown has helped pilots continue their careers through mentoring and monitoring. Captain McKeown has tirelessly advocated for pilots and played an instrumental role in the combined Pilot Assistance program after the United/Continental merger. Over his 15 years of actively promoting the airline piloting profession, he’s unselfishly given his time and energy to help peers when they need help the most, regardless of the hour.

2016 Air Safety Award
Charles Hogeman
United Airlines

Capt. Charles “Chuck” S. Hogeman is being honored with the 2016 ALPA Air Safety Award for his outstanding leadership and numerous contributions to the advancement of aviation safety.

2016 Aviation Security Award
Preston Greene
FedEx Express

F/O Preston Greene is being honored with the 2016 ALPA Aviation Security Award for his valued guidance and extensive work to promote aviation security, particularly in the realm of air cargo.

2016 Pilot Assistance Award
John Rosenberg
Delta Air Lines

Capt. John Rosenberg was recognized with the 2016 Pilot Assistance Award for his extraordinary dedication to evolving ALPA’s Professional Standards program, a peer-based network of trained representatives who address pilot issues of an interpersonal or professional nature.

2017 Air Safety Award
Scott Hammond
Delta Air Lines

Capt. Scott Hammond received the Air Safety Award for his outstanding leadership in aviation safety. Known around the world as a leading and respected advocate for the profession, his work to advance safety reporting programs has resulted in a collaborative approach between the pilot group and airline management.

2017 Aviation Security Award
Eric Herman
Sun Country

Sun Country Captain Eric Herman received the Aviation Security Award for his valued guidance and extensive work to promote aviation security. His commitment to his fellow pilots and aviation security overall have been instrumental in achieving results that will be felt throughout ALPA and our industry for years to come.

2017 First Aviation Jumpseat Award
James Berzon
United Airlines

F/O James Berzon was honored with the Aviation Jumpseat Award for his significant accomplishments to increase cockpit security for airline crewmembers, including several policies that are widely used throughout the industry.

2017 Pilot Assistance Award
Jerry McDermott
United Airlines

ALPA presented its prestigious award to Capt. McDermott for his extraordinary service leading ALPA’s national pilot assistance programs. Through tireless efforts, Capt. McDermott has helped pilots continue their careers through mentoring and monitoring. In his role as chairman of ALPA’s Pilot Assistance group, Capt. McDermott collaborated with industry and government stakeholders to help strengthen Pilot Assistance programs across the industry.

2018 Air Safety Award
Nick Seemel
Jazz Aviation

ALPA recognized Jazz Aviation Capt. Nick Seemel with its Air Safety Award for his outstanding leadership in aviation safety. Over the course of his more than 30 years as an ALPA pilot, Capt. Seemel has become known around the world as a leading and respected advocate for the airline piloting profession. His work to advance safety reporting programs has resulted in a team approach between pilots and airline management and has helped enhance Canadian aviation.

2018 Aviation Security Award
Matt Clark
Delta Air Lines

ALPA recognized Delta Air Lines First Officer Matt Clark with its Aviation Security Award for his innumerable accomplishments in enhancing aviation safety and security. Serving on ALPA’s Aviation Security Council, First Officer Clark has been involved in raising awareness of the concerns created by disruptive passengers and current efforts to help mitigate the risks. As a result of his extensive experience and efforts, he is a trusted subject-matter expert in aviation security, including the Federal Flight Deck Officer program.

2018 Aviation Jumpseat Award
Robert Frank
Air Wisconsin

ALPA presented its prestigious award to Capt. Frank for his significant accomplishments to increase cockpit security for airline crewmembers. One of the founding members of ALPA’s Jumpseat Council, Capt. Frank has been heavily involved in enhancing flight deck security, including several policies that are widely used throughout the industry today.

2018 Pilot Assistance Award
Ben Kalom
United Airlines

ALPA presented its prestigious award to Capt. Kalom for his extraordinary service in leading health and wellness programs for United Airlines pilots. For nearly three decades, Capt. Kalom has actively promoted the profession by ensuring that pilots have access to important programs that help improve their lives both while on duty and at home.

2019 Air Safety Award
Scott Schwartz
FedEx Express

Capt. Scott Schwartz is being honored with the 2019 ALPA Air Safety Award for his significant contributions in advancing global aviation safety, specifically in carriage of Dangerous Goods. As the union’s subject matter expert in dangerous goods and hazardous materials, Capt. Schwartz directly influences U.S., Canadian, and international regulations that establish a framework for the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air.

2019 Aviation Security Award
Ali Frohlich
Delta Air Lines

Capt. Ali Frohlich is being honored with the 2019 ALPA Aviation Security Award for his role as ALPA’s Department of Defense and Secret Service liaison. As a member of the Delta MEC, Capt. Frohlich went above and beyond in his efforts to bolster aviation security on behalf of his fellow pilots. Capt. Frohlich has been an incredible advocate and a selfless and dedicated volunteer, protecting and promoting ALPA pilots‘ interests with valuable government partners.

2019 Aviation Jumpseat Award
Joseph Chance
Envoy Air

Capt. Joseph Chance is being honored with the 2019 ALPA Aviation Jumpseat Award for his dedication to maintaining and enhancing Jumpseat etiquette, policy, and procedures. He put in countless hours to ensuring that pilots across the entire industry, including non-ALPA carriers, stay informed on the intricacies of jumpseating.

2019 Pilot Assistance Award
Murray Munro
Jazz Aviation

Capt. Murray Munro is being honored with the 2019 ALPA Pilot Assistance Award for his service to his fellow pilots through Pilot Assistance. For nearly 30 years, Capt. Munro has assisted his fellow pilots in managing various challenges they have encountered in their professional careers. His leadership, dedication, and compassion are evident in all that he has done to support pilots in Canada and around the world.

2020 Air Safety Award
Robert Fulton
Jazz Aviation

Capt. Robert Fulton is being honored with the 2020 ALPA Air Safety Award for his outstanding contributions to global aviation safety, making advancements through aircraft accident prevention and analysis. In 2018, Capt. Fulton became Vice Chair of IFALPA’s Accident Analysis and Prevention committee, where he represented ALPA pilots on the ICAO Flight Data Recorders working group. His contributions there have had an impact on global regulators and pilot groups around the world.

2020 Aviation Security Award
Steven Curry
United Airlines

Capt. Steven Curry is being honored with the 2020 ALPA Aviation Security Award for his work representing ALPA with a variety of federal law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Air Marshals and Airport Police. As the union’s subject matter expert in law enforcement, he liaisons with the ASO and members of the Airport Law Enforcement Agency Network (ALEAN). Capt. Curry has done a tremendous job in bolstering these relationships, working to improve and enhance communication and coordination.

2020 Aviation Jumpseat Award
Robert "Bob" Spadea
United Airlines

Capt. Robert “Bob” Spadea is being honored with the 2020 ALPA Aviation Jumpseat Award for his advocacy in support of advancing jumpseat access for his fellow pilots, specifically his work on flightdeck Security and helping to establish ALPA’s ASO jumpseat structure. An ardent supporter of Captain’s Authority, especially as it relates to flight deck access, Capt. Spadea has always worked to protect the security, viability, and usefulness of the flightdeck jumpseat.

2020 Pilot Assistance Award
Travis Ludwig
United Airlines

F/O Travis Ludwig is being honored with the 2020 ALPA Pilot Assistance Award for his contributions to keep pilots safe during the COVID pandemic. True to pilot assistance work, F/O Ludwig advocated for and protected pilots when uncertainty reigned; with resilience, he persevered to pave the way to a new way of flying the line while keeping ALPA pilots safe.

2021 Air Safety Award
Dan Coogan
Delta Air Lines

Capt. Dan Coogan is being honored with the 2021 ALPA Air Safety Award for his important work in advancing global aviation safety by bringing two powerhouse SMS safety programs together in Crosstalk, which captures data from both ASAP (Aviation Safety Action Program) and FOQA (Flight Operational Quality Assurance).

2021 Aviation Security Award
Greg Marion

Capt. Greg Marion is being honored with the 2021 ALPA Aviation Security Award for his security work involving Known Crewmember (KCM) and the Unpredictable Screening Process (USP) with the TSA. His dedication to improving our members‘ KCM experience is much appreciated, and ALPA thanks him for his service to advance aviation security measures at airports across the country.

2021 Aviation Jumpseat Award
A.J. Berlotti
Alaska Airlines

Capt. A.J. Berlotti is being honored with the 2021 ALPA Aviation Jumpseat Award for his leadership and initiative during the COVID crisis, bringing unity to the Jumpseat Council and across the industry. Capt. Berlotti has served as the ASO Aviation Jumpseat Council Chair since 2019 and led the Council through the myriad of challenges with the pandemic.

2021 Pilot Assistance Award
John McFadden
United Airlines

Capt. John McFadden is being honored with the 2021 ALPA Pilot Assistance Award for his support of pilots in times of need through his work with the Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP). Capt. McFadden’s goal was to make ALPA’s CIRP program the gold standard, and he made great progress. The overwhelming sentiment from pilots who have used the program is that it really made a difference in their lives. As a passionate ALPA safety advocate, you can’t ask for much more.

2022 Air Safety Award
Capt. Steve Jangelis 
Delta Air Lines

Capt. Steve Jangelis is being honored with the 2022 ALPA Air Safety Award, for his many years of volunteer work and significant contributions to aviation safety. He currently serves as ALPA’s Aviation Safety chair. His safety work has helped to achieve collaborative industry standards for airport operations and construction, runway safety, runway-shortened procedures, and EMAS deployment. Jangelis also actively engages with ALPA’s international partners to promote the organization’s safety priorities to regulatory agencies in the United States, Canada, and internationally. Over the years, Jangelis has filled numerous roles as a safety volunteer. He is currently the elected Co-Chair of the Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing industry.

2022 Aviation Security Award 
F/O George “Andy” Uribe 
Delta Air Lines

F/O George “Andy” Uribe is the recipient of the 2022 ALPA Aviation Security Award, honoring his important achievements in aviation security. He is the threatened airspace subject-matter expert for the Aviation Security Committee and works closely with ALPA’s partners on security matters as they relate to domestic and international airspace. He is tasked with special-use airspace prohibitions and assisting government entities in those security matters. He is the ALPA security subject matter expert on P-56 airspace matters. Andy’s efforts have improved communication and coordination among pilot groups and across the industry, resulting in increased awareness and better information sharing regarding security.

2022 Aviation Jumpseat Award
Capt. Richard Odbert 
FedEx Express

Capt. Rich Odbert is being honored with the 2022 ALPA Aviation Jumpseat Award for his work in making jumpseat privileges more accessible to his fellow pilots. He currently serves ALPA’s Jumpseat Committee as director of Legislation, Regulations and Compliance, as well as Governmental Affairs. Odbert has been involved with ALPA’s Jumpseat program since its inception and has influenced its development and implementation throughout its existence. Capt. Odbert’s work has also included assistance with initial development of the Cockpit Access Security System and Known Crewmember, work with the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations and assisting pilots with jumpseating during COVID-19.

2022 Pilot Assistance Award
Capt. Jason Graves
JetBlue Airways

Capt. Jason Graves is being honored with the 2022 ALPA Pilot Assistance Award for service to his fellow pilots through his work with Professional Standards. He is the JetBlue Professional Standards chair and the ALPA Air Safety Organization’s Professional Standards subject matter expert. Graves demonstrates a high degree of commitment in all his volunteer roles; he has dedicated more than 14 years of volunteer service supporting Professional Standards for various pilot groups. He previously served as the Colgan Air Professional Standards chair, the Endeavor Air Professional Standards chair, and as the JetBlue Professional Standards training facilitator. His work includes assisting the Unión Panameña de Aviadores Comerciales with training development in Panama, serving as a member of the ALPA Professional Standards/PCDI Code of Ethics working group, and participating in the JetBlue ALPA COVID-19 working group.