Capt. Steve Mayer, Executive Administrator

Captain Steve Mayer

Capt. Steve Mayer (Delta) serves as ALPA’s executive administrator. In this capacity, he assists the ALPA president as a liaison between the president’s office and all departments, councils, and members, and in all functions of the organization.

An active pilot advocate, Capt. Mayer previously served in a variety of ALPA posts, including Delta Air Lines Master Executive Council vice chair and executive administrator, as well as chair for the pilot group’s Local Executive Council 1. He was also a member of ALPA’s National Steering Committee.

When his previous carrier, Northwest Airlines, merged with Delta in 2009, Capt. Mayer served as chair of the Merger Committee. Prior to his tenure as a pilot with Delta and Northwest, he flew for Express Airlines 1, a Northwest Airlink operator.

Based in Minneapolis, Minn., Capt. Mayer flies the Airbus A330 and currently resides in Fountain Hills, Ariz.