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Family Outreach & Negotiations Education Committee

Our Mission 

This committee seeks to raise awareness and understanding among the family members of Alaska Airlines pilots about the state of contract negotiations. It also aims to provide opportunities for pilots and their families to gather in fun and informative ways. One such effort was the West Coast Cookout Tour. 


Currently, we are looking for volunteers for FONE.  If interested, please fill out the volunteer form.

Support Alaska Pilots During Negotiations

Alaska pilots are in contract negotiations with Alaska Airlines Management. As we move forward and advocate for job security and other improvements to the contract, unity and continued support from our friends, and families is key.

Negotiating Under Section 6 of the RLA

The RLA process begins with Section 6 notices to bargain and direct negotiations between the parties. After a period of negotiations, typically when insufficient progress has been made, either party may request the assistance of the National Mediation Board (NMB). Once a party makes this request, the NMB will docket the case and assign a mediator.

Watch Video: The Section 6 Process Under the Railway Labor Act

This is where we are today—mediated negotiations sessions with our assigned mediator, Mike Tosi:

Ways to Support Alaska Pilots

  1. Make sure you are connected on social media, such as the Facebook FONE group, Alaska Pilot’s Instagram, podcasts, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube. 
  2. Spread the word to your family and friends to attend picketing and FONE events. 
  3. Volunteer at a picketing or FONE event. Visit for latest picket events.
  4. Become a FONE volunteer
  5. Be educated on the current state of negotiations, including scope. 
  6. Like, Comment, and Share to the FONE Facebook Group and on our social media, and your own personal page. Make sure to use our hashtags.

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