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Testimonials - ALPA ExpressJet PIlots

ExpressJet Pilots Tell All

I am sad to see ExpressJet continue to shrink to a fraction of its former self, but I do not blame our pilots for jumping ship to other airlines, given the dismal chances of ever making the transition to mainline United. I do not recommend ExpressJet to potential new hires. I hope for a better future for XJT and its employees.

–19-Year E145 Captain

Absolutely not! After nearly 13 years of bitter disappointment, I have found work elsewhere.  Stay away from this company. There is no justification for applying here with the hiring climate in the industry today.

–13-Year E145 Captain

It is going to be hard, as I am taking a huge pay cut to go to Spirit Airlines, but I am willing to do it in order to move on.

–14-Year E145 Captain

I don’t care what the bonus is, I would only recommend someone coming here maybe if they lived in an existing base and were fairly junior or going to retire shortly, etc. In other words, edge cases. Generally: No, don’t come here.

–12-Year E145 Captain

I would not recommend ExpressJet . . . not in its current state of disarray. In fact, I used to volunteer as an ALPA ACE Club mentor. With each student I mentored, I encouraged them to look into other airlines and only to choose ExpressJet as a last resort.”

“I have dozens of friends that either chose another regional over ExpressJet or left ExpressJet for another regional. All of them have surpassed me as far as upgrading to captain, becoming a check airman, or moving on to major or legacy carriers.

“Once upgrade is complete, I plan to start aggressively looking for a way out of ExpressJet, as I no longer feel compelled to be strung along by the false promises of this company.

–14-Year E145 First Officer

“I could not imagine one year ago that ExpressJet would be in the shape it is in. It has been an overwhelming emotional experience, and I cannot express how disappointed I am with the leadership. It’s too good out there right now to work under these conditions. I start at Allegiant later this month”

“I had my days off taken away three weeks in a row in June, and getting those days restored was nearly impossible.”

“It’s been empty promise, after empty promise, after empty promise—never imagined this company would go downhill this quickly.” 

–12-Year E145 Captain

As much as I loved Express Jet and never thought or planned to move anywhere, I don’t want to stay here, participate in anything, or bring my friends here—I don’t want to stay here anymore. I lost total desire and interest to participate in anything. With such attitude from the chief pilot and the Training Department, I don’t think there is a bright future.

–4-Year E145 First Officer