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Learn the Facts First — From the
ExpressJet Pilots Who Live Them

How Does ExpressJet Compare to the Competition? 

An airline pilot’s contract is a critical part of their job as these contracts govern not only compensation, but work rules, quality of life, scheduling and more. Knowing how one airline’s contract compares to other airlines is critical when making career decisions that impacts your finances, personal life and future career potential. Here's an in-depth look at how the ExpressJet pilot contract measures up against—and lags behind—the rest of the regional airline industry. 

Review the data

Time to hold a line as a first officer:

6 months

Time to begin flying as captain:

6 years, 8 months

Time to hold a line as a captain:

12 years, 7 months

Our company leadership continues to make empty promises even after a decade of sacrifices.

Here’s a list of sacrifices made by the pilots of ExpressJet:

  • 6% concessions (2008)
  • Scope relief for SkyWest Inc. (2010) and ManaAir LLC (2018) purchases
  • Extended concessionary contract with $1.50 pay raises (2016)
  • ISL for new United CPA (2017)
  • Rushed contract with Letter 2 promises (2018)

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