Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do i use as login credentials for the app?

2.  I would like clarification on how to enter report time and time zone correction. Do I always enter Local time and then put my difference from Zulu for correction or do I put my Zulu time and cor...

3.  When entering flight segment information do I use local time, or Zulu?

4.  How do I enter a deadhead segment or a deadhead duty period?

5.  How do I account for post flight duties?

6.  I put in the parameters but it will not stop calculating duty time. I clicked on conclude flight duty period but it says I must complete a flight segment. What do I do?

7.  I have not acclimated, as I have neither the required rest nor time in theater. How do I proceed?

8. How is a gate return handled with a second departure from the same airport?  

9.  How do I delete a Flight Duty Period?

10.  Can you give an option to put an end time in when you forget to hit the conclude button?

11.  I searched the iTunes store for the application but I cannot find it for my iPad, how do I get it?

12. Does ALPA have a guide or documentation on the policy or the app itself?

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