P4P Assistance Now Available for COVID-19


In summer 2020, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ALPA's Executive Council voted to include the current crisis within the parameters of Pilots for Pilots (P4P), ALPA's Emergency Relief Fund, allowing the fund to provide temporary financial assistance to ALPA members suffering a financial hardship related to COVID-19.

The resolution states that P4P "shall be available to provide grants or loans for temporary financial assistance (in amounts consistent with the fund's guidelines but in general limited to $1,000) to members of the Air Line Pilots Association or their dependents based on financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 illness (such as medical expenses not covered by insurance or dependent care expenses)."

As with all P4P grants, the fund is not available to replace lost pay but rather to help cover the unexpected and unanticipated costs that bring an extra burden. A few examples


  • Expenses for those who have tested positive for COVID-19 or whose dependents have tested positive
  • Additional medical or travel costs directly related to COVID-19
  • Any other unexpected expenses directly related to COVID-19

Not covered:

  • Flight pay loss
  • Medical expenses not related to COVID-19
  • Standard household bills and expenses

If you’re not sure whether or not your situation is covered, please fill out the application anyway and a P4P director will discuss your situation with you, one-on-one.