2013 News

ALPA Applauds Primary Focus on Safety in FAA Administrator’s UAS Announcement, 12/30/13, Release #13.70

Airline Pilots Mark 25th Anniversary of Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing, 12/21/13, Release #13.69

FDX MEC Hosts Family Awareness Event at the Memphis Zoo, 12/18/13, Release #13.FDX7

ALPA to U.S. Government: Reject Norwegian Air’s Evasive Scheme, 12/17/13, Release #13.68

ALPA: New Etihad Service to Dallas Fort Worth Opens Another New Threat to U.S. Aviation Jobs, 12/12/13, Release #13.67

PSA Pilots Welcome American Airlines’ Announcement of New Aircraft Order, 12/12/13, Release #13.PSA3

Airline Ticket Tax Hike Harms U.S. Airline Industry and Its Employees, 12/11/13, Release #13.66

Delta MEC Elects MEC Chairman, 12/10/13, Release #13.DAL2

FedEx Pilots Spread Holiday Cheer to Special Needs Children and Families, 12/6/13, Release #13.FDX6

Evergreen Crewmembers Still in the Dark on Fate of Their Airline, 12/6/13, Release #13.EIA2

ALPA Hails New Legislation that Helps Protect Medical Certifications for Pilots, 12/4/13, Release #13.65

Tuskegee Airmen Honored with Engen Trophy at D.C. Aero Club Event, 11/21/13, Release #13.64

ALPA Responds to CTA Decision to Approve Wet Lease Applications, 11/19/13, Release #13.63

Foreign State-Owned Airlines’ $162 Billion in Aircraft Orders Threaten U.S. Airline Industry and its Workers, 11/17/13, Release #13.62

ALPA Calls on Congress to Support New Bill that Opposes U.S. Customs Preclearance Facility in Abu Dhabi, 11/14/13, Release #13.61

ALPA Welcomes U.S. Senate Introduction of Safe Skies Act of 2013, 11/13/13, Release #13.60

ALPA Applauds DOJ Agreement to Allow American-US Airways Merger, 11/12/13, Release #13.59

ALPA Applauds FAA Announcement of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Plan, 11/7/13, Release #13.58

FedEx MEC Hosts Family Awareness Event in Memphis, 11/5/13, Release #13.FDX5

ALPA Commends FAA and DOT upon Announcement of New Pilot Training Rules, 11/5/13, Release #13.57

ALPA Statement on Shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, 11/1/13, Release #13.56

ALPA Statement on New FAA Guidelines for Inflight Use of Personal Electronic Devices, 10/31/13, Release #13.55

Congressman Frank LoBiondo Stands Out as a Defender of U.S. Airline Jobs and a Champion of Air Safety, 10/24/13, Release #13.54

FedEx MEC Highlights Fourth Quarter Meeting Initiatives, 10/21/13, Release #13.FDX4

ALPA Welcomes Back Key Airline Personnel as Federal Government Re-Opens, 10/17/13, Release #13.53

ALPA to DOT: Deny JAT Airways’ Bid to Offer Flights to U.S., 10/8/13, Release #13.52

ALPA Commends ICAO on Advancing Climate Change Policies to Reduce Aircraft Emissions, 10/4/13, Release #13.51

ALPA Praises DOT Ruling to Reject Direct U.S. Routes by Fly Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines, 10/2/13, Release #13.50

Emirates New Milan–N.Y. Route Threatens U.S. Aviation Jobs, 9/30/13, Release #13.49

FedEx MEC Thanks Congressmen For Ensuring United Flight 93 is Not Forgotten, 9/24/13, Release #13.FDX3

PSA Pilots Ratify Agreements Guaranteeing the Placement of Large Regional Jets at PSA, 9/27/13, Release #13.PSA2

ALPA Pilots and Staff Gather to Honor the Victims of September 11, 9/11/13

United Pilots Welcome Return of Furloughed Aviators, 9/5/13, Release #13.UAL

Integrated Seniority List for United, Continental Pilots Released, 9/4/13, Release #13.48

FedEx MEC Highlights Third-Quarter Meeting Initiatives, 8/22/13, Release #13.FDX2

While Evergreen Airlines’ Debt Piles Up, Pilots’ Pension Plans Go Unpaid, 8/19/13, Release #13.EIA

ALPA Readies Aviation Industry for New Rule to Combat Pilot Fatigue, 8/7/13, Release #13.46

FedEx Pilots’ Union: Report on UPS Crash Highlights Need for New Regulations on Carriage of Lithium Batteries, 7/26/13, Release #13.FDX

ALPA: New Report on UPS Crash Underscores Lithium Battery Threat, 7/25/13, Release #13.45

ExpressJet Pilots Honored with ALPA Superior Airmanship Award, 7/18/13, Release #13.44

F/O Wolfgang Koch Receives ALPA’s Aviation Security Award, 7/18/13, Release #13.43

F/O Mark Rogers Receives ALPA’s Air Safety Award, 7/18/13, Release #13.42

ALPA Honors Capt. Steve Ormsbee with Prestigious Presidential Citation, 7/18/13, Release #13.41

ALPA Recognizes Air Safety Liaison Capt. Mike Maas for Service, Excellence, 7/18/13, Release #13.40

ALPA Reaffirms Commitment to Finding All Factors in Crash of Asiana Flight 214, 7/11/13, Release #13.39

Alaska’s Pilots Ratify New Contract, 7/11/13, Release #13.ALA2

ALPA Hails New Qualification Standards for Airline Copilots, 7/10/13, Release #13.38

ALPA to Congress: Support U.S. Aviation Industry; Prohibit Funding for Abu Dhabi Preclearance Facility, 7/10/13, Release #13.37

ALPA Supports Bipartisan Congressional Effort to Keep Aviation Out of U.S.-EU Trade Talks, 7/9/13, Release #13.36

ALPA Asks for Answers to Key Questions in Accident Investigation, 7/9/13, Release #13.35

ALPA Calls for Thorough Investigation of Asiana Flight 214 Accident; Warns Against Making Conclusions Based on Partial Data, 7/8/13, Release #13.34

ALPA Congratulates Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx on Confirmation, 6/27/13, Release #13.33

Federal Appeals Court Upholds ALPA’s Challenge to EX–IM Bank, 6/18/13, Release #13.32

Calm Air Pilots Ratify New Contract, 6/18/13, Release #13.CMA

ALPA Applauds Passage of Meehan Amendment to Halt Taxpayer Funding of Preclearance Facility in Abu Dhabi, 6/6/13, Release #13.31

Alaska’s Pilots Reach a Tentative Agreement on a New Contract, 6/6/13, Release #13.ALA

ALPA Statement on TSA Policy on Prohibited Items List, 6/5/13, Release #13.30

ALPA Praises U.S. House for Restoring FFDO Funding, 6/5/13, Release #13.29

ALPA: Misguided U.S. Policy, Unlevel Playing Field Continue To Erode U.S. Airline Industry, 6/5/13, Release #13.28

ALPA Hails House Proposal to Prevent Abu Dhabi Customs Preclearance Facility, 5/15/13, Release #13.27

Capt. Murray Munro Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 5/9/13, Release #13.26

FedEx Capt. John Kohne Receives ALPA’s Pilot Assistance Award, 5/9/13, Release #13.25

Delta MEC Opposes Plan for Abu Dhabi Preclearance Facility, 5/6/13, Release #13.DAL

ALPA Conference to Explore Challenges, Solutions to Aviation Ops in Harsh Environments, 5/6/13, Release #13.24

CanJet Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement with Management, 5/3/13, Release #13.23

ALPA Responds to Government’s Announcement of Changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program, 4/29/13, Release #13.22

ALPA Congratulates Transportation Secretary Nominee Anthony Foxx, 4/29/13, Release #13.21

ALPA Commends Swift Passage of the Reducing Flight Delays Act, 4/26/13, Release #13.20

ALPA Supports Dependable Air Service Act, 4/24/13, Release #13.19

ALPA Warns of Potential Flight Operation Disruptions, 4/19/13, Release #13.18

ALPA Warns of Potential for Extensive Disruptions to Airline Operations Due to Sequestration, 4/18/13, Release #13.17

ALPA Calls for Grounding of Abu Dhabi Preclearance Facility, 4/16/13, Release #13.16

ALPA Fights for FFDO Funding on Program’s 10th Anniversary, 4/12/13, Release #13.15

ALPA Applauds NTSB Discussion on the Transport of Lithium Batteries, 4/11/13, Release #13.14

Administration’s Budget Proposal Would Harm U.S. Airlines’ Ability to Compete Globally, 4/11/13, Release #13.13

Administration Proposal to Cut Federal Flight Deck Officer Funding Threatens Security for Airline Passengers and Cargo, 4/10/13, Release #13.12

ALPA Files Third Joint Lawsuit Against Ex-Im Bank, 4/4/13, Release #13.11

ALPA Blasts Abu Dhabi Customs Preclearance Proposal, 4/4/13, Release #13.10

PSA Pilots Ratify New Collective Bargaining Agreement, 3/27/13, Release #13.PSA

Piedmont Pilots Ratify New Five-Year Agreement with Management, 3/22/13, Release #13.PDT2

ALPA Welcomes Labor Secretary Nomination, 3/19/13, Release #13.09

ALPA Calls for One Level of Safety for Lithium Battery Shipments, 3/8/13, Release #13.08

Island Air Pilots Open New Chapter with Sale of Airline, 2/27/13, Release #13.AIS

ALPA Pilots: Congress Must End Sequester Threat Now, 2/25/13, Release #13.07

U.S. Customs Preclearance Facilities Must Benefit U.S. Economy, Airlines, and Workers, 2/19/13, Release #13.06

Eagle Pilots Comment on AA-LCC Merger Announcement, 2/14/13, Release #13.EGL2

ALPA Responds to Announced Merger of American and US Airways, 2/14/13, Release #13.05

FAA Airline Pilot Fatigue Analysis Flawed, 2/12/13, Release #13.04

Eagle Pilots File Court Objection to American–Republic Purchase Agreement, 2/7/13, Release #13.EGL

Piedmont Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement with Company, 2/1/13, Release #13.PDT

ALPA: Confidential Safety Reporting Programs Essential to Aviation Safety, 1/23/13, Release #13.03

Pinnacle Airlines Pilots Vote to Ratify Restructuring Agreement, 1/15/13, Release #13.PCL

Ryan International Shuts Down, Fires Pilots, 1/12/13, Release #13.RYN

FAA Fatigue Rules Must Cover All Airline Pilots, 1/8/13, Release #13.02

ALPA Congratulates FAA Administrator Huerta, 1/2/13, Release #13.01