Release #12.RYN
February 2, 2012


Statement by Capt. Erik Sparks, Chairman of ALPA’s Ryan International Airline Master Executive Council

“On Wednesday, February 1, 2012, Ryan International Airlines management notified ALPA that the company would immediately be furloughing 38 out of its 139 pilots for an indefinite period. These furloughs were made based on aircraft type and not in order of seniority, failed to provide the required advance notice, and violated numerous other provisions of Ryan’s collective bargaining agreement with ALPA.

“We are in discussions with our ALPA counsel and other ALPA departments to explore all of our available options to deal with this situation. Our attorneys are also investigating whether the company’s mass layoff of 165 employees is a violation of the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act (WARN).

“At this airline and many others over its 81-year history, ALPA has shown its willingness to assist management in times of crisis. But management bears the responsibility to stand by the legal obligations it has made to its employees, including honoring the terms of its labor contracts. The Ryan pilots are disappointed that Ryan management has chosen to abandon that commitment.”

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