2011 News

FedEx Pilots Respond to Release of Pilot Fatigue Rule, 12/22/11, Release #11.FDX3

ALPA Welcomes Release of Pilot Fatigue Rule, 12/21/11, Release #11.38

ALPA Acts to Block U.S. Export-Import Bank’s Air India Financing Deal, 11/30/11, Release #11.37

CommutAir Pilots Ratify First Union Contract, 11/29/11, Release #11.CMT

ATI Crewmembers Ratify Contract, 11/22/11, Release #11.ATI1

FedEx Pilots Join With All ALPA and UPS Pilots Demanding One Level of Safety, 11/21/11, Release #11.FDX2

Pilots: Canadian SMS Proven Aviation Safety Tool, 11/10/11, Release #11.35

Airline Pilots Engaged in Reducing Carbon Emissions as Biofuel Flights Take Off, 11/9/11, Release #11.34

AirTran Pilots Ratify Seniority Integration Agreement, 11/7/11, Release #11.ATN2

Enhanced Airline Pilot Security Screening Begins at Boston Logan Airport, 10/25/11

PSA Pilots Enter Into Federal Mediated Talks, 10/24/11, Release #11.PSA

American Eagle Pilots Reach Deal with Management, 10/21/11, Release #11.EGL3

NextGen Holds Key to Future of U.S. Air Transportation, 10/5/11, Release #11.32

ALPA Joins Congress in Urgent Call for Pilot Fatigue Rule, 10/4/11, Release #11.31

Statement by Captain Wendy Morse, Chairman, United Master Executive Council, Air Line Pilots Association, International, Regarding Judge Sterling Johnson Jr.’s Rejection Of ALPA’s Request for a Temporary Restraining Order To Stop September 30, 2011 Training Deadline, 9/29/11, Release #11.UAL2

Continental and United Pilots Rally in New York City’s Financial District to Highlight Slow Pace of Contract Negotiations and Lack of Merger Progress, 9/27/11, Release #11.UALCAL3

United Pilots Ask Court To Delay Company’s Merger Integration Procedures Over Safety Concerns, 9/26/11, Release #11.UAL

Another FAA Extension Means the Future of U.S. Aviation Remains in Limbo, 9/15/11, Release #11.30

Air Transportation More Secure 10 Years Later, But Gaps Still Exist, 9/8/11, Release #11.29

Clock Is Ticking: Congress Must Pass FAA Reauthorization Now, 9/7/11, Release #11.28

Pilot Union Members Reelect Officers at American Eagle, 9/2/11, Release #11.EGL2

EIA Crewmembers: New Talks Must Result in Fair Contract, 8/31/11, Release #11.EIA2

Enhanced Airline Pilot Security Screening Begins at Miami International Airport, 8/23/11

Babbitt Acknowledges ALPA’s Long-Standing Safety Role at Air Safety Forum, 8/19/11

Hersman Speech Focuses on Pilots—Past, Present, and Future, 8/18/11

Hawaiian Airlines Pilot to Receive ALPA Pilot Assistance Award, 8/18/11, Release #11.27

Capt. Larry Murray Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/18/11, Release #11.26

Capt. Bob Hesselbein Receives ALPA’s Aviation Security Award, 8/18/11, Release #11.25

Capt. Pete Frey Receives ALPA’s Aviation Safety Award, 8/18/11, Release #11.24

AirTran Airways Pilots Recognized for Troubleshooting Critical Fuel System Failure, Landing Safely, 8/18/11, Release #11.23

Alaska Airlines Crew to Receive ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/18/11, Release #11.22

ALPA Names Portland International Its “Airport of the Year”, 8/18/11, Release #11.21

Enhanced Airline Pilot Security Screening Takes Off at Chicago O’Hare, 8/9/11

ALPA Praises Enhanced Airline Pilot Security Screening Program, 8/5/11

Missed Fatigue Rule Deadline Continues to Place Passengers and Cargo at Risk, 8/2/11, Release #11.19

Trans States Pilots Ratify New Contract, 7/29/11, Release #11.TSA2

EU Emissions Scheme Risks U.S. Airline Industry Jobs, 7/27/11, Release #11.18

ALPA to Congress: Resolve FAA Funding Immediately, 7/25/11, Release #11.17

American Eagle Pilots Reach Agreement to Help Airline Profitability, 7/20/11, Release #11.EGL

ALPA Readies for Pilot Fatigue Rule, 7/14/11

United Express Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement on a New Contract, 7/12/11, Release #11.TSA

TSA Must Fully Embrace Threat-Based Aviation Security, 7/12/11, Release #11.15

Time Is Now for New Airline Pilot Rest Rules, 6/29/11, Release #11.14

GPS Essential to U.S. Airline Industry, 6/22/11, Release #11.13

Continental Pilots Protest Additional Scope Violations, 6/20/11, Release #11.CAL

Canadian North Pilots Ratify Tentative Labour Agreement, 6/16/11, Release #11.CNP

United, Continental Pilots: Work Remains Before UAL/CAL Merger Considered a Success, 6/8/11, Release #11.UALCAL2

FAA Action to Impose Stiff Fines Major Step in Ending Laser Attacks on Aircraft, 6/1/11, Release #11.12

United, Continental Pilots Meet to Discuss Contract Negotiations, Merger, 5/24/11, Release #11.UALCAL

United Pilots: ‘Inadvertent’ Reinstatement of 9/11 Flight Numbers ‘Reprehensible’, 5/18/11

ALPA to Negotiate Contract that Shares in the Benefit of the Atlantic Southeast/ExpressJet Merger, 5/2/11, Release #11.ASAXJT

AirTran Pilots Reflect on Past Achievements, Committed to the Success of Southwest Airlines, 5/2/11, Release #11.ATN

NTSB’s Empire Airlines Accident Report Shows Need for Standard Rest Rules for All Airline Pilots, 4/27/11, Release #11.11

ALPA Hails NTSB Support for Standardized Pilot Rest Regulations, 4/21/11, Release #11.10

ALPA Supports Air Traffic Controllers as Trusted Partners in Aviation Safety, 4/20/11, Release #11.09

ALPA Pilot Elected President of Global Pilot Federation, 4/15/11, Release #11.08

Hawaiian Airlines Pilots Raise Funds for Japanese Disaster Victims, 4/14/11, Release #11.HAL

Safety Demands Regulating Lithium Battery Air Shipments, 4/12/11, Release #11.07

Air Wisconsin Pilots Withdraw from ASAP Program, Citing Management Program Breach, 4/7/11, Release #11.ARW

Crewmember Identity Verification Program to Begin Testing, 4/1/11

FedEx Pilots Approve New Agreement with Management, 3/23/11, Release #11.FDX

ALPA Applauds Mesaba Airlines’ Announcement to Recall all Furloughed Pilots, 3/10/11, Release #11.MSA

Pilots Committed to Sharing in the Success of Mesa Air Group, 3/3/11, Release #11.MAG2

Sun Country Pilots Applaud Airline’s Exit from Bankruptcy, 3/1/11, Release #11.SCA

House Vote Advances Efforts to Thwart Laser Attacks on Aircraft, 2/28/11, Release #11.06

ALPA Condemns Midwestern Union-Busting Efforts, 2/24/11, Release #11.05

Swift FAA Reauthorization Critical to U.S. Airline Industry, 2/9/11, Release #11.04

Pilots Laud Senate Measure to End Laser Attacks on Aircraft, 2/4/11, Release #11.03

ALPA Commends U.S. House Judiciary Committee Action to Make Laser Assaults on Aircraft a Federal Crime, 1/26/11, Release #11.02

Laser Threat to Aircraft Demands Swift Action, 1/25/11, Release #11.01

Pilots Committed to Mesa Air Group’s Success as Company Takes First Step to Emerge from Bankruptcy, 1/21/11, Release #11.MAG

ALPA Pilot Leaders Endorse New Pinnacle Airlines Contract, Send to Members, 1/21/11, Release #11.PCL

Evergreen International Airlines Pilots Overwhelmingly Authorize Union to Call Strike, 1/10/11, Release #11.EIA

Continental Pilots Win Scope Arbitration, 1/4/11