Release #11.09
April 20, 2011

ALPA Supports Air Traffic Controllers as Trusted Partners in Aviation Safety

WASHINGTON – Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) President Capt. Lee Moak issued the following statement today in support of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association to address the issues of fatigue and scheduling.

“Air traffic controllers significantly contribute to the global safety of our aviation system. Each and every day there are approximately 50,000 commercial airline flights over North America with professional airline pilots and controllers working together to ensure that passengers and cargo reach their destinations safely.

“Controllers and pilots can be counted on 24 hours a day, for every flight, to ensure that the overall safety of the system is maintained. For decades, fatigue has been an issue for air traffic controllers as well as professional pilots. ALPA is greatly encouraged by the positive interaction between the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association to constructively address controller fatigue issues in the tower.

“I want to remind the traveling public that commercial aviation is the safest form of transportation in North America. The level of safety we have achieved in our industry is a testament to the professionalism and dedication of our air traffic controllers and pilots who perform their jobs flawlessly each and every day.”

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