ALPA Presents Plan to Revitalize Airline Industry to Aero Club of Washington

Capt. John Prater addresses the Aero Club of Washington

July 19, 2010 - In an address before the prestigious Aero Club of Washington, D.C., the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, presented the union’s five-point plan for revitalizing a stable, safe, and profitable industry, now and in the future. ALPA’s president, Capt. John Prater, was the featured speaker at the Club’s July luncheon, held on July 19 at the Capital Hilton.

More than 150 policy makers, regulatory agency and airline representatives, journalists, and labor union leaders filled the room for Capt. Prater’s remarks, entitled “Washington, D.C., from 35,000 feet: Airline pilots’ views on policies for a safe and stable airline industry.

Prater outlined a five-point policy foundation for the future that includes creating a national-level aviation policy; establishing a single, high level of safety and security for all passenger and cargo airlines; developing and maintaining the best trained, most competent pilot workforce in the world; modernizing the National Airspace System; and forging a U.S. international aviation policy that provides an effective balance among U.S. economic, security, airline, passenger, and worker interests.

Among others who joined Capt. Prater at the head table for the luncheon were Linden Hillman, chairman of the AirTran Airways chapter of ALPA and Larry Willis, secretary-treasurer of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO.

“Our airline industry is undergoing a critical transformation right now,” Prater said in his remarks. “The decisions we make in taking on the challenges we face today will determine the opportunities we have tomorrow. The promise of new national policies and collective bargaining agreements that will enhance safety as well as pilots’ professional lives is encouraging.”

Prater ended his speech with a challenge. “Each of us in this room has a tremendous capacity to contribute to a safe and stable airline industry, but we must also resolve to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are recognized. I hope that all of you will join me today in a renewed commitment to strengthen our industry in every area—safety, security, and labor relations.”