ALPA Voices Adamant Opposition to Cockpit Voice Recorder Monitoring
ALPA Members Can Help

March 2, 2010 - ALPA this week voiced its intense opposition to proposals to monitor cockpit voice recorders to the traveling public, federal regulators, and Capitol Hill.

In a USA Today “Opposing View” opinion piece, Capt. John Prater made it clear that monitoring conversations in the cockpit for any reason other than accident investigation would fail to produce accurate safety information. Prater also expressed the serious concern that monitoring would suppress pilot communications and jeopardize the information and resources that make proven proactive nonpunitive safety reporting programs successful in preventing accidents.

On February 26, ALPA issued a news release expressing staunch opposition to legislation introduced by Sen. Jim DeMint that would misuse cockpit voice and flight data recorder information for discipline. “The DeMint proposal will threaten aviation safety, compromise the accident investigation process, and squander financial resources that could make proven aviation safety programs even more effective,” said Prater. “We will use every tool at our disposal to prevent this from becoming law.”

ALPA members are strongly encouraged to contact their U.S. senators through the Association’s new Call to Action to express opposition to this misguided monitoring proposal. Click here to take action now! Please make your voice heard today!