Pilots, Colleagues Honored at ALPA Air Safety Forum Awards Luncheon

August 31, 2010 - ALPA acknowledged pilot representatives and other aviation professionals for their outstanding service during its 2010 Air Safety Forum Awards Luncheon. “Our union’s reputation as the leading non-governmental safety and security advocate in the world is due in large part to the efforts of pilot representatives and our partnerships with government agencies and industry organizations,” said ALPA president Capt. John Prater.

“Today, it is my great honor to recognize several ALPA pilots, a cabin crew, and one of our industry partners for their contribution to enhancing airline safety and security,” said Prater.

Prater presented ALPA Presidential Citations to Capt. Kevin Bailey (American Eagle), chairman of the Security Council of ALPA’s National Security Committee; Continental Airlines F/O James Berzon (Continental), ALPA’s National Jumpseat Committee vice-chairman; Capt. Paul Brady (American Eagle), who oversees ALPA’s safety training programs and serves as vice-chairman of the ALPA Accident Investigation Board; Capt. Greg Downs (United), central air safety chairman of United Council 52; Capt. Pete Frey (Delta), long-time member of the ALPA Accident Investigation Board; Capt. Todd O’Brien (Piedmont), vice chairman of ALPA’s National Security Committee; and Capt. Gwen Schallow (Continental) vice-chair of ALPA’s Pilot Assistance Committee.

Jumpseaters Capt. Richard Greene and F/O Richard Lowe (both Continental) and the flight attendant crew of Continental Flight 1404 received citations for their gallant efforts following an accident at Denver International Airport on Dec. 20, 2008. These men and woman risked their lives, helping to evacuate fellow passengers and injured working crewmembers.

Capt. Alexandro Fotopoulos (American Eagle) received ALPA’s 2009 Airport Safety Liaison of the Year award for his tireless work in representing airline pilots’ perspectives at LaGuardia Airport and in helping make the nation’s already safe air transportation system even safer.

Prater also recognized Chicago O’Hare International Airport as ALPA’s “2009 Airport of the Year” and presented the award to O’Hare International Airport Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie Andolino. The facility was commended for its steadfast commitment to engaging with the airline pilots who operate at the airport to ensure the highest safety standards for passengers, crews, and cargo.