Release #10.CMR
September 8, 2010

Comair Pilot Union Issues Statement on Airline Restructuring Plans

Cincinnati—Capt. Matt Lamparter, chairman of the Comair unit of Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), today issued a statement regarding the company’s plans to effectively halve the airline by 2012. On Wednesday, September 1, Comair management informed the union that the company plans to park 49 of the 93 aircraft on the property, which would lead to substantial cuts in staffing.

“Obviously, we are deeply disappointed by the company’s plans to restructure the airline. However, our commitment has been and remains to our pilots and to protecting our contract, our jobs, and our futures.

“We intend to use the full array of ALPA resources to ensure that any downsizing of the company will have the input of our pilot group and will respect our contract. We have scheduled meetings with Comair management and plan to be a full partner as this restructuring moves forward.

“Despite the heavy burden of this announcement, Comair pilots will continue to demonstrate the professionalism and solidarity—both in the cockpit and out—that built this airline and carried it through a bankruptcy and a strike. As before, when faced with challenges, this pilot group has overcome and succeeded. Although the situation is different, our goal is the same: a strong and unified pilot group and a successful airline.”

Founded in 1931, ALPA is the world’s largest pilot union and represents almost 53,000 pilots at 38 airlines in the United States and Canada, including over 1,300 pilots at Comair. Visit the ALPA website at


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