Release #10.UAL
April 8, 2010

Statement by Captain Wendy Morse, Chairman, United Master Executive Council Air Line Pilots Association, International Regarding Reports of Merger Discussions Between United Airlines And US Airways

“Media reports of United Airlines and US Airways being ‘deep in merger discussions’ have caused a great deal of consternation among the pilots I represent.

“United pilots share the view of many industry analysts and experts that a United merger with US Airways is unlikely to achieve significant synergies. In addition, the considerable legal hurdles to such a combination will only serve to distract United’s management team from solving its own pressing issues.

“The pilots of US Airways and America West have yet to achieve operational integration more than four and a half years after the airlines merged. US Airways pilots face years of litigation as they attempt to work through their operational integration difficulties with America West pilots. United pilots certainly would not benefit by being drawn into that situation.

“Our position on mergers is well known. We are not opposed to any merger that would benefit the careers and the long-term future of United pilots. A merger with US Airways does not appear to come close to meeting that standard. We vehemently oppose any merger that would not lead to a strong and viable United Airlines.

“United CEO Glenn Tilton is well aware of our position regarding mergers and US Airways.

“The pilots of United Airlines stand ready to work with United management on a merger if such a merger would protect and advance our careers. We will not, however, accept any proposal that places the future of the United enterprise – and the future of our pilots – in harm’s way.”


ALPA Contact:
Dave Kelly