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November 12, 2010

US Airways Express Pilots Form Alliance
Pilot leaders establish goals to enhance safety, improve contract standards, protect jobs

PHOENIX—US Airways Express pilots represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) this week formalized an alliance that promotes and maintains the highest level of safety in the US Airways Express brand, improves pilot contract standards, and protects pilot jobs at “express-level” airlines. The US Airways Express Pilots Alliance (“Alliance”) includes ALPA pilots from Air Wisconsin, Colgan, Mesa Air Group, Piedmont Airlines, PSA Airlines, and Trans States Airlines.

“ALPA pilots are not competitors, and we will not be whipsawed against one another by undercutting our peers,” said ALPA President Capt. John Prater. “By working across company lines, the US Airways Express pilots have demonstrated the courage and leadership necessary to maintain and enhance the safety, work rules and jobs within the US Airways family. Their work will also go beyond that brand and have a tremendous impact on our profession, our industry, and the customers that we serve.”

Pilot leaders of the Alliance have been coordinating over the past several months to standardize the express carriers’ goals for the US Airways system. Specifically, they are working to coordinate operational programs amongst the ALPA express carriers in order to provide the highest level of safety, training and professionalism.

The Alliance also implemented a means to improve contract standards. All six members of the Alliance are in contract negotiations currently with their respective companies. Through the Alliance, the pilot groups established a process to support each of their respective negotiating committees; this approach fosters information sharing and ensures implementation of group goals in their individual contract negotiations.

Protecting and enhancing pilots’ job security is another focus of the Alliance, and members took a significant step toward achieving that goal. It is not uncommon for express flying to be shifted from one carrier to another, and while one pilot group may benefit from this shift, the other may suffer. As such, members of the Alliance each committed to reviewing shifts in flying to determine the effects it may have on the pilot groups, and if necessary, meet with management promptly in an effort to negotiate provisions for the affected pilots that address jobs, longevity, and other career protections.

ALPA represents 53,000 pilots at 38 airlines in the U.S. and Canada, including the approximately 3,000 pilots flying as US Airways Express for Air Wisconsin, Colgan, Mesa Air Group, Piedmont Airlines, PSA Airlines, and Trans States Airlines. For more information, visit

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