A Thanksgiving message from Capt. John Prater, ALPA President

As Americans observe Thanksgiving this week and take a moment to remember why we are so fortunate, we, the Air Line Pilots Association, also have much for which to be thankful.

First and foremost, we are thankful for every airline pilot who proudly flies his or her passengers and freight safely across our skies.

We are indebted to those pilots who uphold and fight for all airline pilots’ quality of life. From lobbying on the Hill to learning the ins and outs of contract negotiations, ALPA airline pilots continually persist in improving the entire piloting profession.

We are grateful for those line pilots who take on the additional leadership roles in this Association to help maintain the unparalleled safety record of commercial airline transportation.

We are perpetually thankful for the pilots who have established—and continue to build upon—ALPA’s enviable structure that supports pilots throughout their careers, from their first flight to their retirement and all stages in between.

We are indebted to the ALPA leaders who had the foresight to develop an industry-leading Code of Ethics for all pilots to emulate—demonstrating why we are leaders in our industry.

We are very grateful for our staff members, who help us in all efforts of the Air Line Pilots Association.

And we will eternally appreciate those airline pilots who established this great Union nearly 80 years ago. It is only through their unwavering efforts that we continue to be heard as the unchallenged voice of all airline pilots.

Have a great Thanksgiving.