2009 News

Flight 253 Incident Calls for Increased Vigilance, 12/30/09, Release #09.091

Continental Pilots Mark Anniversary of Contract Amendable Date without a New Contract, 12/28/09, Release #09.CAL3

Northwest Flight 253 Security Incident, 12/27/09

Hawaiian Pilots Welcome Tentative Contract Agreement, 12/23/09, Release #09.HAL15

ALPA Congratulates Boeing on Dreamliner First Flight, 12/15/09, Release #09.090

United Pilots ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About UAL Widebody Order, 12/8/09, Release #09.UAL7

ALPA Supports NMB’s Changes to Union Election Rules, 12/8/09, Release #09.089

Trans States Pilots Call to End “Futile” Contract Negotiations, 12/7/09, Release #09.TSA

Wasaya Pilots to Receive Grant for Contract Negotiations, 12/4/09, Release #09.088

ALPA Reaffirms Support for Canadian SMS Programs, 12/4/09, Release #09.086

North American Airlines Pilots Choose ALPA as Bargaining Representative, 12/3/09, Release #09.087

ALPA Praises Congress for Granting Pilots Family Medical Leave Benefits, 12/3/09, Release #09.085

ALPA Grieves Loss of Avient Pilots in Shanghai Crash, 12/3/09

On Eve of White House Jobs Summit, Working Americans Gather to Call for Creation of Good Jobs, 12/2/09

Capt. Prater Testifies on Pilot Fatigue at Senate Hearing, 12/1/09

Hawaiian Pilots Extend a Helping Hand over the Holidays, 11/30/09

A Thanksgiving Message from Capt. John Prater, ALPA President, 11/25/09

Pilots Welcome U.S. House Committee Call to Regulate Lithium Battery Shipments on Airliners, 11/24/09, Release #09.083

Delta Pilots Support SkyTeam Alliance’s Proposed Investment in Japan Airlines, 11/19/09, Release #09.DAL4

ALPA to Congress: Don’t Reinvent Airline Safety Bill, 11/18/09, Release #09.082

ALPA Pilot Testifies on Lithium Batteries, 11/18/09

ALPA’s Hawaiian Pilots Help Red Cross Raise Funds for Pacific Disaster Relief, 11/15/09, Release #09.HAL14

AirTran Pilots: Outsourcing Bad for Business, 11/4/09, Release #09.081

Air Transport International Crewmembers Vote to Join ALPA, 11/4/09, Release #09.080

Midwest Pilots and Flight Attendants Meet Flight 210 Crew to Commemorate End of Legacy Midwest Airlines, 11/4/09

ALPA Adopts Landmark Pilot Fatigue Policy, 11/3/09, Release #09.079

Integrity of Aviation Safety Reporting Programs Essential, 10/30/09, Release #09.078

Executive Board Approves Professional Development Group, 10/28/09

Delta Pilots’ Union Issues Statement on Northwest Flight 188 Investigation, 10/26/09, Release #09.DAL3

Hawaiian Pilots Declare Negotiations Are at an Impasse; Ask Government to Start Clock for a Potential Strike, 10/26/09, Release #09.HAL13

Pilots Respond to AirTran’s 3rd Quarter Earnings, 10/21/09, Release #09.ATN2

Airline Pilot Training Bill’s Passage “Momentous”, 10/14/09, Release #09.077

United Master Executive Council Elects Captain Morse Chairman, 10/13/09, Release #09.UAL6

Airline Alliances Must Treat U.S. and Foreign Workers Equally, 10/9/09, Release #09.076

ALPA Applauds 50% Reduction in Runway Incursions—Calls for Continued Action, 10/9/09, Release #09.075

United Pilots: Management’s Continued Outsourcing Plan ‘Unconscionable’, 10/9/09, Release #09.UAL5

DOT Advisory Falls Short of Safe Lithium Battery Shipments, 10/8/09, Release #09.074

ALPA Holds Retirement and Insurance Seminar for Pilot Reps, 10/7/09

ALPA Congratulates Mark Rosekind on NTSB Nomination, 10/5/09, Release #09.073

Canadian Pilots Take on Airline Industry’s Top Issues, 10/1/09

Midwest Pilots’ Statement on News that B-717 Operations Will Cease in November, 9/30/09, Release #09.MEA3

Pilots Urge Strong Sentence for CanJet Attempted Hijacking, 9/25/09, Release #09.071

Pinnacle Pilots Reject New Deal with Management, 9/24/09, Release #09.PCL3

ALPA: Flying the Extra Mile to Protect U.S. Airline Jobs, 9/24/09

ALPA President Calls on Congress to Improve Pilot Training, 9/23/09, Release #09.070

Colgan Air Pilots and Management Open Contract Negotiations, 9/22/09, Release #09.CJC

Mesaba Airlines Pilot Reps Elect Union Leaders, 9/21/09, Release #09.MSA

Pilots Commend Sentencing for Laser Attack, 9/18/09, Release #09.068

Prater Re-elected to AFL-CIO Executive Council, 9/18/09, Release #09.069

Eagle Pilots Protest Outsourcing of Jobs in Chicago, 9/17/09, Release #09.EGL

Evergreen Airlines Crewmembers Question Management Commitment To Negotiations, 9/11/09, Release #09.EIA

Obama Administration’s Intent to Nominate Southers as DHS Assistant Secretary Welcomed by Pilots, 9/11/09, Release #09.067

Hawaiian Airlines Pilots Overwhelmingly Authorize Strike, 9/11/09, Release #09.HAL11

Hawaiian Airlines Pilots Open Strike Authorization Voting, Picket Honolulu Airport to Protest Slow Pace of Negotiations, 8/25/09, Release #09.HAL10

ALPA Calls for Temporary Ban on Battery Shipments on Airliners, 8/25/09, Release #09.065

Delta Connection Pilot Leaders Ratify Tentative Deal, 8/24/09, Release #09.PCL2

Airline Pilots Commend Appointment of Christopher Hart to NTSB Vice-Chairmanship, 8/21/09, Release #09.066

Pilots: Lockerbie Terrorist Release “Deplorable”, 8/20/09, Release #09.064

Hawaiian Airlines Pilots Open Strategic Preparedness Center, Prepare Strike Authorization Vote, 8/11/09, Release #09.HAL9

Pilots Commended for Extraordinary Efforts to Advance Safety, Security, Pilot Assistance, and Jumpseat Access, 8/6/09, Release #09.061

TSA and ALPA Announce Enhanced Security Initiative for Airline Crews, 8/5/09

Delta Connection Pilots Reach Deal with Management, 8/5/09, Release #09.PCL

Air Canada Jazz Capt. Craig Hall Receives ALPA’s Top Security Honor, 8/5/09, Release #09.060

FedEx Capt. John Lux Posthumously Receives ALPA’s First-Ever Pilot Assistance Award, 8/5/09, Release #09.059

US Airways Flight 1549 Crew Receives ALPA’s Distinguished Crew Safety Award, 8/5/09, Release #09.058

FedEx Retired Capt. David Wells Receives ALPA’s Top Safety Honor, 8/5/09, Release #09.057

United First Officer Scott Graham Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/5/09, Release #09.056

American Eagle Capt. Dana Archibald Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/5/09, Release #09.055

F/O Richard Odbert Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/5/09, Release #09.054

Capt. Bill McReynolds Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/5/09, Release #09.053

CanJet Flight 918 Crew to Receive ALPA Int’l Aviation Security Award for Valour in Washington, D.C., 8/5/09, Release #09.052

Capt. Bob Hesselbein Receives ALPA’s Presidential Recognition, 8/5/09, Release #09.051

United Airlines Capt. Jeffrey Sedin Receives ALPA’s Outstanding Airport Liaison Representative Award, 8/5/09, Release #09.050

American Eagle Capt. Mike Maas Receives ALPA’s Outstanding Airport Liaison Representative Award, 8/5/09, Release #09.049

Capt. James Woodke Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/5/09, Release #09.048

Capt. Valerie Thal-Slocum Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/5/09, Release #09.047

Capt. Larry Newman Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/5/09, Release #09.046

Capt. Stephen Ormsbee Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/5/09, Release #09.045

Capt. Hank Yaap Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/5/09, Release #09.044

Capt. Dennis Dolan Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/5/09, Release #09.043

Pilots Name Mineta San José International “Airport of the Year”, 8/5/09, Release #09.042

United First Officer Douglas Cochran Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/5/09, Release #09.041

United Capt. Everett Miller Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/5/09, Release #09.040

Compass Airlines Capt. Clifton “Lee” Cain Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/5/09, Release #09.039

Compass Airlines Capt. Steven Peterka Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/5/09, Release #09.038

ALPA Announces 2009 55th Air Safety Forum, 7/30/09, Release #09.037

ALPA Welcomes Congressional Action on Airline Safety and Pilot Training, 7/29/09, Release #09.063

ALPA Congratulates NTSB Chairman Hersman, 7/29/09, Release #09.062

Hawaiian Airlines Announces Another Positive Earnings Report as Pilots Renew Their Call for a New Contract, 7/27/09, Release #09.HAL8

Trans States Pilots Protest Corporate Greed over Family Need, 7/26/09

AirTran Pilots Integral to Company’s 2nd Quarter Profits, 7/22/09, Release #09.ATN

ALPA, Other Labor Unions Push Back on Health Care Tax Proposal, 7/16/09

Continental Pilots Optimistic About Future with Star Alliance, 7/10/09, Release #09.CAL2

ALPA Stands Behind Mexico’s ASPA Pilots, 7/1/09, Release #09.036

ALPA Praises Nomination of Christopher Hart to NTSB, 6/26/09, Release #09.035

ALPA Calls on Congress to Control Excessive Oil Speculation, 6/26/09, Release #09.034

ALPA Commends FAA Action to Combat Pilot Fatigue, 6/26/09, Release #09.033

Pilots: US/EU Air Services Agreement Must Contain Workers’ Rights, 6/24/09, Release #09.032

ALPA President Endorses Trumka for AFL-CIO President, 6/19/09, Release #09.031

Island Air Pilots, Management ‘Ink’ New Contract, 6/18/09, Release #09.AIS2

ALPA Statement on Continental Airlines Flight 61, 6/18/09, Release #09.030

ALPA Testifies Before U.S. Senate on Regional Airline Safety, 6/17/09, Release #09.029

Regional Airline Safety Requires Long-Term Commitment, 6/15/09, Release #09.028

ALPA Lauds Nomination of Deborah Hersman as NTSB Chair, 6/12/09, Release #09.027

Trans States Pilots Vote to Authorize Strike, 6/12/09, Release #09.TSA

ALPA Praises President’s Renomination of Harry Hoglander, 6/11/09, Release #09.026

No Quick Fixes for Enhancing Regional Airline Safety, 6/11/09, Release #09.025

Continental Pilots Send Message at Continental Stockholders Meeting, 6/10/09, Release #09.CAL

UAL Pilots Ask Obama to Seek Delay in Antitrust Immunity Application, 6/10/09, Release #09.UAL4

ALPA Welcomes the National Mediation Board’s Newest Member, 5/22/09, Release #09.024

ALPA Welcomes FAA Administrator Babbitt, 5/22/09, Release #09.023

Delta Connection Pilots Protest Four Years without a New Contract at Memphis Shareholders Meeting, 5/20/09

UAL Pilots: Labor Input Needed Before Antitrust Immunity Granted, 5/19/09, Release #09.UAL3

Alaska Pilots See Gains in New Contract, 5/19/09

Spirit Pilots Vote Overwhelmingly to Authorize Strike, 5/15/09, Release #09.SPA4

Pilots to Congress: Batteries NOT Included, 5/15/09, Release #09.022

Colgan Accident Legacy Must be to Enhance Training and Address Fatigue, 5/14/09, Release #09.020

ALPA Urges Congress to Pass FAA Reauthorization Bill, 5/14/09, Release #09.019

Colgan Accident Underscores Value of Pilot Training, 5/12/09, Release #09.018

Jazz Pilots Receive $5 Million Grant for Upcoming Contract Negotiations, 5/8/09

ALPA Hosts Second Toledo Users Group Meeting, 5/1/09

Jumpseat Committee Urges TSA to Address CASS Problems, 5/1/09

Hawaiian Airlines Pilots Deliver Food to Islands’ Hungry, 5/1/09, Release #09.HAL7

Hawaiian Pilots Respond to Company Earnings Report, Announce $2 Million Grant for Strategic Preparedness, 4/29/09, Release #09.HAL6

ALPA Resoundingly Welcomes AirTran Pilots, 4/28/09, Release #09.017

Hawaiian Airlines Pilots Name Former ALPA President to Airline’s Board of Directors, 4/23/09, Release #09.HAL5

ALPA Commends CanJet Flight 918 Crew, 4/21/09

ALPA Warns Pilots about New Low-Viz Rules in Canada, 4/17/09

Executive Council Approves AirTran Merger, 4/16/09

Alaska Airlines Pilots to Vote on a New Contract, 4/15/09, Release #09.ALA4

ALPA Prepares to Welcome AirTran Airways Pilots, 4/10/09, Release #09.014

ALPA and Island Air Reach Tentative Agreement on New Contract, 4/7/09, Release #09.AIS

Hawaiian Airlines Pilots Picket Honolulu Airport, Launch Advertising Campaign to Jump-Start Stalled Negotiations, 4/6/09, Release #09.HAL4

ALPA Congratulates CAST on Collier Trophy, 4/6/09, Release #09.012

Pilots the World Over Adamantly Oppose Outsourcing Jobs, 4/2/09, Release #09.013

ALPA Applauds Babbitt Nomination as FAA Administrator, 3/27/09, Release #09.008

DOT Must Scrutinize Virgin America’s Citizenship, 3/27/09, Release #09.010

Irresponsible Journalism Interferes with NTSB Colgan Air 3407 Investigation, 3/26/09, Release #09.011

ALPA Statement on FedEx Express Accident, 3/23/09, Release #09.009

ALPA Applauds Puchala NMB Nomination, 3/20/09

Grievance Round Table Highlights Best Practices, 3/20/09

Need to Modernize U.S. National Airspace System “Critical”, 3/18/09, Release #09.007

Spirit Airlines Pilots Score Major Arbitration Victory, 3/17/09, Release #09.SPA3

Alaska Pilots, Families Rally to Reach Agreement, 3/13/09

Spirit Pilots Win Arbitration, Preserving Vital Scheduling Provisions, 3/13/09

PSA and Piedmont Pilots Unite to Improve Contracts, 3/13/09

ALPA Takes Pilots’ World View to Wall Street, 3/13/09

ALPA Leaders Meet with Hawaii Governor, 3/13/09, Release #09.HAL3

Atlantic Southeast Crew Makes History, 3/7/09

U.S./EU Joint Committee Meets, 3/7/09

ALPA Continues Participation in Modernization Discussions, 3/7/09

TSA Commits to Action on CrewPASS, 3/7/09

Alaska Airlines Pilots Reach an Agreement in Concept on a New Contract, 3/7/09, Release #09.ALA3

Capt. Prater Attends NextGen Symposium, 2/27/09

ALPA’s Training and Human Factors Experts Meet in Denver, 2/27/09

ALPA Representatives, Old and New, Come Together for Leadership Conference, 2/24/09

Well-Trained Crew is Airliner’s Greatest Safety Asset, 2/24/09, Release #09.006

Pilots Call for National Energy Policy to Take on Climate Change, 2/23/09, Release #09.005

Hawaiian Airlines Pilots Say 2008 Earnings Prove Hawaiian Can Afford To Pay Raises, 2/18/09, Release #09.HAL2

ALPA Statement on Continental Connection Flight 3407, 2/13/09, Release #09.004

ALPA Calls on Congress to Pass FAA Reauthorization Bill, 2/11/09, Release #09.003

Midwest Airlines Pilots Apply for Federal Mediation as Management Stonewalls, 2/10/09, Release #09.MEA

Hawaiian Pilots Warn Investors: We Need A Contract Now, 2/3/09, Release #09.HAL

United, Aer Lingus Pilots Sign Protocol Agreement In Response to Airlines’ Proposed Partnership, 2/2/09, Release #09.UAL2

ALPA Holds National Media Briefing to Unveil Top Safety and Security Issues, 2/2/09

ALPA Unveils 2009 Safety and Security Priorities, 2/2/09, Release #09.002

Alaska Pilots Respond to Company’s Fourth Quarter, 2008 Earnings Report, 1/29/09, Release #09.ALA2

Spirit Pilots Condemn Alcohol Ads on Flight Attendant Aprons, 1/28/09, Release #09.SPA2

Alaska Pilots Receive $5 Million Grant from National Union for Strike Preparations, 1/27/09, Release #09.ALA

Spirit Management Demands Harsh Concessions from Pilots, 1/26/09, Release #09.SPA

Statement from Capt. Steve Wallach, Chairman, United MEC, Regarding United’s ‘Innovative’ Partnership With Aer Lingus, 1/22/09, Release #09.UAL

ALPA Responds to LGA Accident, 1/16/09

Delta Pilots' Union Elects New Officers, 1/17/09, Release #09.DAL

Kelowna Flightcraft Pilots Ratify New Contract with Significant Gains, 1/13/09, Release #09.KFC

ALPA Champions Rest Requirements for Ultra-Long-Range Flights, 1/7/09, Release #09.001