2008 News

Continental Pilots Call for Renewed Focus on Contract Negotiations, 12/31/08, Release #08.CAL8

United Pilots: Leadership Void Costly for UAL in 2008, 12/29/08, Release #08.UAL16

ALPA Statement on Continental Airlines Flight 1404, 12/22/08, Release #08.061

ALPA Commends Selection of Rep. Hilda L. Solis as U.S. Labor Secretary, 12/19/08, Release #08.060

ALPA Hails LaHood Appointment as Next U.S. Transportation Secretary, 12/19/08, Release #08.059

Colgan Air Pilots Vote to Join ALPA, 12/17/08, Release #08.058

Brazilian Report Downplays ATC System Deficiencies in Midair Collision, 12/17/08, Release #08.057

Alaska Pilots’ Union Leadership Creates Strike Preparedness Committee, 12/16/08, Release #08.ALA4

Mesa Pilots Ratify New Contract with Significant Gains, 12/10/08, Release #08.MAG3

ALPA Deplores Public Release of Fatal Accident Cockpit Voice Recording, 12/10/08, Release #08.055

Pilots Vote on Kelowna Flightcraft Tentative Contract Agreement, 12/10/08, Release #08.KFC

ALPA Stands Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Alitalia Pilots, 12/9/08, Release #08.056

Delta/Northwest Pilots Receive Seniority List Arbitration Decision, 12/8/08, Release #08.DAL8

Delta Pilots Vigorously Oppose Slot Auction Proposal, 12/5/08, Release #08.DAL7

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Expresses Concern Over Outsourcing of Midwest Airlines Jobs, 12/5/08, Release #08.MEA5

Trans States Pilots Picket Washington Dulles, 11/25/08

Comair Pilots Reelect Union Leader to Battle for Job Security, 11/25/08, Release #08.CMR2

ALPA Condemns DOT Slot Auction Proposal, 11/20/08, Release #08.054

Trans States Pilots Picket at Lambert-St. Louis International, 11/20/08

Midwest Pilots Target “Busiest Travel Day” to Informational Picket, 11/20/08

Alaska Pilots to Management: Success Generated by Alaska-Delta Alliance Must Be Shared with Alaska’s Employees, 11/18/08, Release #08.ALA3

Trans States Pilots to Conduct Informational Picketing, 11/18/08, Release #08.TSA3

Trans States Pilots Open Strike Operations Center, 11/17/08, Release #08.TSA2

ALPA Grievance Training Prepares Pilot Advocates, 11/14/08

ALPA Congratulates President-Elect Barack Obama, 11/6/08, Release #08.053

Midwest Pilots Take Picketing Efforts in New Direction, 10/31/08

Pilots Participate in New Runway Safety Council, 10/31/08, Release #08.051

Delta/Northwest Merger and Pilot Agreement Sets Historic Precedent, 10/30/08, Release #08.050

ALPA Executive Director/Communications Director Don Skiados Announces Retirement, 10/30/08, Release #08.052

ALPA BOD Proudly Avow “We are ALPA!”, 10/28/08

Pilots’ Safety Concerns Top NTSB List (Again), 10/28/08, Release #08.049

Evergreen Crewmembers Informational Picket at JFK, 10/27/08, Release #08.EIA

ALPA Calls Upon Congress to Hold New Hearings on DHL-UPS Deal, 10/23/08, Release #08.DHL11

Perseverance Pays Off for American Eagle Pilots in Newly Ratified Agreement with Management, 10/22/08, Release #08.EGL4

United Pilots: Fuel Hedge Losses Further Proof of Misdirection of Airline, 10/21/08, Release #08.UAL14

ALPA President: Airline Management Must Collaborate with Pilots to Overcome Tough Economic Times, 10/20/08, Release #08.048

Midwest Pilots Protest Outsourcing of Jobs with Rally at the Midwest Airlines Center, 10/14/08, Release #08.MEA4

Spirit Pilots Protest Contract Violations, Furloughs, 10/10/08

Spirit Pilots to Management: Honor the Contract, Respect the Negotiations, 10/8/08, Release #08.SPA7

Continental, United Pilots Sign Protocol Agreement, 10/7/08, Release #08.UAL-CAL3

Mesa Air Group, Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement, 10/7/08, Release #08.MAG2

Sun Country Pilots React to Company Bankruptcy Filing, 10/6/08, Release #08.SCA2

Trans States Pilot Morale Plummets with Low Pay and Sub-par Contract, 10/6/08, Release #08.TSA

ALPA Reacts to Sun Country WARN Notice, 10/3/08, Release #08.SCA

Capital Cargo Pilots Recognize Struggle Fellow ATI Pilots Have with Management, 10/1/08, Release #08.CCI5

United Pilots: Glenn Tilton’s Excessive Pay Package Must Go, 9/29/08, Release #08.UAL13

Trans States Pilots Conduct Informational Picketing, 9/25/08, Release #08.TSA4

ALPA Secures Cash, Jobs for former ATA Crewmembers, 9/25/08, Release #08.ATA5

Pilots Raise the Bar on Runway Safety, 9/25/08, Release #08.046

Pilots from United, Continental Form Strategic Alliance, 9/24/08, Release #08.047

Midwest Pilots File Grievance Against Management’s Plan to Outsource Jobs, 9/23/08, Release #08.MEA3

Delta and Northwest Pilot Leadership Meet in Joint Summit, 9/23/08 08.DAL-NWA2

ALPA reacts to Hawaiian Airlines CEO’s Wall Street Presentation, 9/18/08, Release #08.HAL6

Hawaiian Pilots File for Mediation, Reactivate Strategic Preparedness Committee, 9/16/08, Release #08.HAL5

Momentum Grows in Fight to Keep ASTAR in the Air, 9/16/08

Pilots: There’s More Than Meets the Eye to the DHL/UPS Proposal, 9/16/08, Release #08.045

United Pilots to CEO: Stop Taxing Our Passengers, 9/15/08, Release #08.UAL12

Alaska Airlines Pilots Worry Furloughs Will Limit Company’s Ability to Respond to Market Opportunities, 09/12/08, Release #08.ALA4

Day Two of the 103rd Executive Board Meeting, 9/12/08

Highlights from ALPA’s 103rd Executive Board Meeting, 9/11/08

Pilot Negotiators Reach Tentative Agreement with American Eagle, 9/11/08, Release #08.044

ALPA Authorizes $2 Million from Union’s “War Chest” to Midwest Airlines Pilots to Fight Management’s Outsourcing Plan, 9/11/08, Release #08.MEA2

Pilots: DHL/UPS Proposal Is “One Bad Deal”, 9/9/2008, Release #08.043

Continental Pilots, Union Effort Save 326 Jobs Through Furlough Mitigation Agreement, 9/9/08, Release #08.CAL8

ALPA to Spirit Management: “Enough Is Enough!”, 9/4/08, Release #08.SPA6

Midwest Pilots Express Outrage at Airline’s Deal with Republic Airways, 9/3/08, Release #08.MEA

UAL Management’s Flip-Flop on Meal Policy Demonstrates Inadequate Leadership, 9/2/08, Release #08.UAL11

Spirit Pilots Spend Labor Day Demanding Management Honor Contracts, 8/29/08, Release #08.SPA5

ALPA Pledges $2 Million to Support Spirit Pilots Against Rogue Management, 8/25/08, Release #08.SPA4

ALPA Supports Canada’s Future Aviators, 8/21/08, Release #08.042

United Pilots to CEO: Stop Nickel and Diming Our Passengers, 8/20/08, Release #08.UAL10

ASTAR Pilot Calls Upon Ohio General Assembly to Help End DHL/UPS Deal, 8/20/08, Release #08.DHL10

Spirit Management to Pilots: “Call in sick—and you’re fired.”, 8/15/08, Release #08.SPA3

Pilots Honored for Dedication to Safer, More Secure Skies, 8/14/08, Release #08.041

First Officer Greg Bergner Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/14/08, Release #08.041P

ASTAR Air Cargo Pilot Ken Young Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041O

First Officer Avery Bates Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/14/08, Release #08.041N

US Airways Capt. Brian Townsend Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041M

Capt. Ellis Nelson Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation, 8/14/08, Release #08.041L

United Airlines Capt. Mary McMillan Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041K

Capt. Edwin Folsom Receives ALPA’s Top Security Honor, 8/14/08, Release #08.041J

Capt. Terry McVenes Receives ALPA’s Top Safety Honor, 8/14/08, Release #08.041I

American Eagle First Officer John De Paola Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041H

American Eagle Capt. Richard Joslyn Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041G

Northwest Second Officer David Kritzer Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041F

Northwest First Officer Edward Sparks Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041E

Northwest Capt. Dennis Leighton Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041D

Delta First Officer Joseph Stafford Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041C

Delta First Officer Edward Calzolari Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041B

Delta Capt. Peter Hupperich Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/14/08, Release #08.041A

Spirit Pilots Respond to Recent Flight Cancellations, 08/12/08, Release #08.SPA2

Continental Airlines Pilots and Families Hold Event for New Contract, 8/13/08, Release #08.CAL7

Continental Airlines Capt. Stuart Cory Receives ALPA’s Airport Liaison Representative Award, 8/12/08, Release #08.040

United Airlines First Officer Tim Albert Receives ALPA’s Airport Liaison Representative Award, 8/12/08, Release #08.039

United Airlines First Officer Michael Brown Receives ALPA’s Airport Liaison Representative Award, 8/12/08, Release #08.038

Pilots Name Boston Logan International their Airport of the Year, 8/12/08, Release #08.037

Delta and Northwest Pilots Ratify Tentative Agreement, 8/11/08, Release #08.DAL-NWA

ALPA-Hosted AvSec 2008 Commences, 8/11/08

United Pilots Call for Tilton to Resign as CEO, 8/11/08, Release #08.UAL9

AFL-CIO Throws Its Support Behind ASTAR Pilots, 8/8/08, Release #08.DHL9

Key Member of Congress Asks for ALPA Input on Cargo Security, 8/1/08

United Pilots: UAL Release on Sick Leave Lawsuit ‘Inaccurate, Alarmingly Misleading’, 7/30/08, Release #08.UAL8

ALPA Files Suit against DHL on Behalf of ASTAR Pilots, 7/29/08, Release #08.DHL8

DHL Pilots to UPS Management: Don’t Pick Up Our Cargo, 7/25/08

Pilots Share Aviation Security Successes with Congress, 7/24/08, Release #08.036

DHL Pilots to UPS Management: Don’t Pick Up Our Cargo, 7/23/08, Release #08.DHL7

Spirit Pilots Take First Step in Process that Could Lead to Strike, 7/15/08, Release #08.SPA

ALPA Puts Safer, More Secure Skies in the Spotlight, 7/15/08, Release #08.33

Airline Pilots Call for Runway Safety Technologies Now, 7/14/08, Release #08.035

ASTAR Air Cargo Crewmembers to Picket DHL-Sponsored All-Star FanFest to Protest Proposed DHL/UPS Agreement, 7/11/08, Release #08.DHL6

Pilots Demand End to “Rampant Speculation” on Oil Prices, 7/11/08, Release #08.034

ALPA files for Mediation on Behalf of Alaska Airlines Pilots, 7/10/08, Release #08.ALA2

ALPA Condemns Criminalization of Concorde Airline Accident, 7/9/08, Release #08.032

UAL, CAL Pilots Join Forces In Face of Airlines’ New Alliance, 7/1/08, Release #08.UAL-CAL2

ALPA Takes Pilots’ Call to Stabilize Fuel to Capitol Hill, 6/27/08

CanJet Pilots Ratify First Ever Contract, 6/26/08, Release #08.CJT

ALPA Works with American Eagle to Preserve Jobs, 6/26/08, Release #08.EGL2

ALPA Helps Secure U.S. Department of Labor Emergency Funds to Put ATA Pilots Back on the Line, 6/26/08, Release #08.ATA4

DHL Pilots Rally Against Management, 6/26/08

Delta and Northwest Pilot Negotiators Reach a Tentative Agreement with Delta Management, 6/24/08, Release #08.DAL4

Ford-Cooksey Lawsuit Settled, 6/20/08

Congress to TSA: Crewmember Screening Proposal Details, in Writing, by July 1, 6/20/08

ASTAR Air Cargo Crewmembers File Grievance Against Proposed DHL/UPS Agreement, 6/19/08, Release #08.DHL5

ALPA to FAA: Now We Must Act to Address Pilot Fatigue, 6/20/08, Release #08.031

ALPA Refutes Crandall Remarks on Airline Labor, 6/19/08

Gemini Pilots Respond to Bankruptcy Announcement, 6/19/08, Release #08.GEM

Statement by Capt. Steve Wallach, UAL MEC Chairman, Re: The Increasing Transparency and Accountability in Oil Prices Act of 2008, 6/17/08

Hundreds Gather for United Family Unity Rally in California, 6/16/08

Labor Relations Darken at Hawaiian Airlines, 6/15/08, Release #08.HAL4

ALPA to Congress: Stabilize Fuel Prices Now, 6/13/08, Release #08.030

Continental pilots demonstrate in Houston to show solidarity, 6/11/08, Release #08.CAL6

ASTAR Air Cargo Crewmembers Expose DHL’s Checkered Practices, 6/11/08, Release #08.DHL4

NTSB Echoes Pilots’ Concerns about Fatigue, 6/10/08, Release #08.029

NTSB Findings Show Urgent Need to Address Pilot Fatigue, Improve Winter Operations, 6/10/08, Release #08.028

Pilots to Congress: Stop Management from Exploiting the Bankruptcy Process, 6/5/08

ALPA Names Capt. Rory Kay to Lead its Aviation Safety Work, 6/4/08, Release #08.027

Champion Air Ceases Operations, 5/30/08

Executive Air Safety Chairman Named, 5/30/08

ASTAR Air Cargo Crewmembers Blast DHL’s Recent Discussions with UPS, 5/29/08, Release #08.DHL3

Capt. Randy Helling Elected ALPA Vice-President–Finance, 5/28/08

ALPA Questions CCIA Management’s Ability to Run Airline Effectively, 5/23/08, Release #08.CCI4

Alaska Shareholders, Board of Directors Hear from 400+ Pilots, 5/22/08

CommutAir Pilots Vote ALPA, 5/20/08, Release #08.025

Capital Cargo Pilots Call On ABX Holdings Shareholders to Address Contract Issues and Pave Way for Business Success, 5/15/08, Release #08.CCI3

ALPA Welcomes First Air Pilots into Union, 5/14/08, Release #08.024

Northwest Airlink and Delta Connection Pilots Protest Three Years without a New Contract at Memphis Shareholders Meeting, 5/14/08, Release #08.PCL5

Delta Pilots Union Leader to Testify Before U.S. Congressional Subcommittee on Proposed Delta-Northwest Merger, 5/13/08, Release #08.DAL3

Without Pay or Benefits, Aloha Pilots Continue to Fly, 5/8/08, Release #08.ALO7

ALPA Authorizes $10 Million to Continental, United Pilots to Fight for Improved Contracts, 5/8/08, Release #08.023

Statement by Capt. Steve Wallach, Chairman of the UAL MEC Regarding Financial Impact of Possible Merger Between UAL and AAA, 5/7/08

U.S. Airline Industry Marks Major Progress in Cutting Emissions, 5/7/08, Release #08.022

May 1, 2008. Pinnacle Pilots Send Strong, Unified Message to Management, 5/1/08

Aloha Pilots: Sale of Cargo Unit Could Leave Aloha Cargo Workers Unemployed, 5/1/08, Release #08.ALO6

Northwest Airlink and Delta Connection Pilots to Protest Three Years Without a New Contract, 4/30/08, Release #08.PCL4

Pilots Send Clear Message at NTSB UAS Safety Forum, 4/30/08, Release #08.021

Statement by Captain Steve Wallach, Chairman of the UAL MEC Regarding Speculation of Possible Merger Between United and US Airways, 4/29/08

Continental pilots support decision to stop merger, 4/28/08, Release #08.CAL5

Senate Must Pass Improvements for an FAA in Turmoil, 4/25/08

United Pilots: Tilton’s ‘Greed’ Has Gone On Long Enough, 4/28/08, Release #08.UAL4

ExpressJet Labor Union Leaders Voice Need for Participation by Employee Stockholders, 4/25/08, Release #08.XJT

Aloha Pilots Authorize Strike, 4/24/08, Release #08.ALO5

American Eagle Pilots Warn AMR of Risks to Outsourcing Regional Flying, 4/21/08, Release #08.EGL

Aloha Pilots File for Temporary Restraining Order, 4/22/08, Release #08.ALO4

ALPA Pilot Leaders Issue Joint Statement on Negotiations, 4/22/08, Release #08.020

ALPA Files Suit for Back Pay and Benefits for ATA Crewmembers, 4/22/08, Release #08.ATA3

Aloha Pilots Seek Court Injunction, 4/18/08, Release #08.ALO3

US Airways Pilots Leave ALPA Fold, 4/17/08, Release #08.018

Airline Pilot Fatigue Still Front-and-Center Safety Risk, 4/16/08, Release #08.017

Statement by Capt. Steve Wallach and Capt. Jay Pierce In Reaction to the Announced Merger Between Delta and Northwest, 4/15/08, Release #08.UAL-CAL

Delta Air Lines Pilots Union Approves Historic Agreement in Support of Proposed Delta-Northwest Merger, 4/14/08, Release #08.DAL2

TSA and FAMS Officials Address ALPA Executive Council, 4/11/08

Aloha Pilots Make New Offer to Fly Stranded Passengers, 4/5/08, Release #08.ALO

Pilots: Northwest Airlines Plan to Reduce Flights “Practical”, 4/3/08, Release #08.NWA

ATA Pilots Blast Management’s Late-Night Decision to Cease Operations, 4/3/08, Release #08.ATA2

United Pilots: UAL Survey Confirms Neglect of Employees, 4/2/08, Release #08.UAL3

Hawaiian Pilots Respond to Aloha Airlines Shutdown, 3/31/08

Aloha Pilots Work to Save Their Company, 4/1/08

TSA Plans for CrewPASS Demonstration Project, 3/31/08

Northwest Airlink and Delta Connection Pilots to Conduct Informational Picketing to Express Frustration over Stalled Negotiations, 3/25/08, Release #08.PCL3

ALPA Defeats Pinnacle Management in Arbitration, 3/20/08, PCL08.03.20

Environment in the Spotlight: ALPA, other aviation groups, sponsor D.C. conference, 3/19/08

As Oil Soars, ALPA Warns Wall Street that Labor is a “Fixed Cost”, 3/18/08

United Pilots Blast Company’s Plan to Ground Planes, 3/18/08, Release #08.UAL2

“Intolerable!” ALPA pilots picket coast-to-coast to back British Airways pilots, 3/15/08

US Airways Management and America West Pilots to Open Separate Negotiations, 3/14/08, Release #08.AWA

Continental Pilots Swarm New York Financial District, 3/12/08

Airline Pilot Leaders Discuss Job and Career Protections, 3/14/08, Release #08.013

ALPA Named Among Collier Trophy Winners, 3/7/08, Release #08.010

US Airways Unit of the Air Line Pilots Association Reelects MEC Officers, 3/6/08

ASTAR Air Cargo Ratify Crewmembers Contract, 3/5/08, Release #08.DHL2

ATA ALPA Pilots and Flight Engineers: “No airplanes go anywhere without us.”, 3/3/08, Release #08.ATA

US Airways Continues Downward Spiral as Labor Woes Intensify, 2/28/08, Release #08.AAA2

Airport Modernization Fundamental to LAX Runway Safety, 2/27/08, Release #08.009

ALPA to BA Pilots: Hold the Line against “OpenSkies”, 2/27/08

Northwest Airlink Pinnacle Pilots Open Strike Operations Center, 2/25/08, PCL08.02.25

Capital Cargo Crewmembers’ Statement on ABX Holdings President and CEO’s Comments at Recent Conference, 2/22/08, Release #08.CCI2

ALPA Protests Decision that Releases Vital Safety Information, 2/20/08, Release #08.008

ALPA Responds to NMB Election Decision, 2/19/08, Release #08.007

Ryan International Airlines Pilots Reach Tentative Contract Agreement With Management, 2/15/08, Release #08.RYN

ALPA Gathers Pilot Leaders to Coordinate Strategy, 2/15/08, Release #08.006

Skyway Management Denies Pilots Severance Package Given to All Other Employees, 2/15/08, Release #08.SYX

Airline Pilots Challenge Congress to Make Airports Safer, 2/13/08, Release #08.005

TSA Trial Screening Program Must Include Airline Pilots, 2/12/08, Release #08.004

“Hold Short for Runway Safety” Launches, 2/12/08

Continental pilots union signs agreement with COPA Airlines, SIPAC for hiring retired, furloughed pilots, 2/12/08, Release #08.CAL4

ASTAR Air Cargo Crewmembers Reach Tentative Agreement on Contract, 2/8/08, Release #08.DHL

ALPA, Hawaiian Airlines Reach Agreement on New Aircraft, 2/4/08, Release #08.HAL2

Pilots Union at Air Canada Jazz Elects Officers, 2/1/08, Release #08.ACJ

Continental Pilots’ Union Elects New Chairman, 1/30/08, Release #08.CAL3

Northwest Airlink Pilots to Conduct Informational Picketing to Express Frustration over Stalled Negotiations, 1/29/08, Release #08.PCL2

Comair Pilots Elect ALPA Union Officers, 1/29/08, Release #08.CMR

Continental Pilots Prepare for Merger Potential, 1/24/08, Release #08.CAL2

Pilot Unions Share Concerns Over Cargo Holdings International Company Acquisition, 1/24/08, Release #08.CCI

US Airways’ Employees Unite, Warn Management to Dump Anti-Labor Tactics, 1/23/08, Release #08.AAA

Hundreds Rally for Alaska Contract, 1/23/08

ALPA Certified to Represent Wasaya Pilots, 1/22/08, Release #08.002

Hawaiian Pilots’ Statement on New Equipment Negotiations, 1/18/08, Release #08.HAL

Continental pilots respond to company’s record profits, 1/17/08, Release #08.CAL

Save the Date: Operation Full-Court Press, 1/15/08

United Pilots: No ‘Rubber Stamp’ for Merger Involving UAL, 1/15/08, Release #08.UAL

Alaska Airlines Pilots Union Elects Executive Officers, 1/15/08, Release #08.ALA

Airline Pilots to Picket Knicks-Wizards Game, 1/11/08

Mesa Pilots Begin Contract Negotiations with Management, 1/11/08, Release #08.MAG

Delta Air Lines Pilots Union Opens Strike Operations Center, 1/10/08, Release #08.DAL

ALPA Calls Pinnacle Management Lawsuit “Height of Cynicism”, 1/8/08, Release #08.PCL