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September 18, 2008

ALPA reacts to Hawaiian Airlines CEO’s Wall Street Presentation

Capt. Eric Sampson, chairman of the Hawaiian Airlines group of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l., issued the following statement in response to Hawaiian Airlines CEO Mark Dunkerley’s presentation today at the Calyon Securities Airline Conference in New York City:

“Mr. Dunkerley’s presentation to the investment community today clearly shows the airline has adequate resources on hand to reward the employees who are responsible for its success. As he stated, Hawaiian has taken advantage of reduced capacity in the inter-island and trans-pacific airline markets without having to pay the costs of achieving those reductions. Fuel costs are down significantly, the airline has been successful in controlling its costs and improving its revenues, and Hawaiian’s market share continues to grow.

“We can’t reconcile the success story management is selling to Wall Street with the gloomy assessments we’re getting at the bargaining table as justification for not agreeing to modest improvements to our concessionary post-bankruptcy contract. The savings that Hawaiian is realizing from the $50-plus drop in the cost of oil alone is more than enough to pay for the small cost-of-living increases that our pilots need.

“The revenues are there and our needs are reasonable. We are enthusiastic about Hawaiian’s future prospects, and call on Mr. Dunkerley to reevaluate his desire to keep labor in a cost-neutral position and approve the very modest pay increases we are seeking. We are a highly motivated and skilled labor group, and a new contract would settle the growing labor unrest at Hawaiian, rebuild our relationship with management and allow the pilots and the airline to move forward together.”

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