ALPA President Capt. John Prater testifies
on Tuesday, September 16.

Momentum Grows in Fight to Keep ASTAR in the Air

September 16, 2008 - The ALPA-led fight to keep DHL from shutting down ASTAR Air Cargo and ABX by handing its flying over to competitor UPS is gathering steam, at least in the halls of Congress.

ALPA President Capt. John Prater testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday to urge the committee to examine the DHL/UPS proposal before it is consummated. His testimony came one week after a hearing held by the House Judiciary committee, where Prater also appeared.

Nearly 50 ALPA pilots from ASTAR and other carriers joined members of Congress, Ohio’s lieutenant governor and Capt. Prater at a press conference held before the hearing.

Members of Congress have echoed ALPA’s calls for DHL and UPS to refrain from consummating the deal until relevant committees and the Department of Justice can study it for its possible anti-trust violations. The companies have also been urged to waive all confidentiality provisions in connection to the proposal.