Release #08.UAL12
September 15, 2008

United Pilots to CEO: Stop Taxing Our Passengers

Chicago, Ill., Sept 15, 2008 – Pilots for United Airlines (Nasdaq: UAUA) said today that they strongly oppose the airline’s plan to double the fee it charges passengers for checking a second bag, which essentially raises taxes on passengers at a time when a stimulus is needed.

“There they go again,” said Captain Steve Wallach, Chairman of the United Chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association. “The management at United should be trying to improve conditions for passengers, not finding backhanded ways to charge them more. Passengers do not like hidden fees, for good reason: It makes them feel like they’re getting taken advantage of.”

Captain Wallach said that the proposed new costs would most impact families and people traveling on vacation. Instead of punishing our passengers, he said, the airline should try to reduce overhead costs, rationalize prices and flight schedules, and eliminate excessive perks and bonuses for executives. Continuing to nickel and dime our customers, he added, is a great strategy to get them to fly on another airline.

Captain Wallach said the proposed changes are yet another bad decision made by United CEO Glenn Tilton and his executives.

The United pilots have set up a petition on its website for United passengers to demand the removal of these changes, and to restore the service passengers once expected from United Airlines.

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