Day Two of the 103rd Executive Board Meeting

September 10, 2008 - The second day of ALPA’s 103rd Executive Board meeting featured ASTAR Air Cargo MEC Chairman, Capt. Pat Walsh, who reported on the status of his pilot group’s fight to save their jobs. As previously reported, ASTAR pilots were negotiating their latest contract at the same time that Deutsche Post, which owns DHL, was in talks to transfer all of ASTAR’s flying to competitor UPS.

Walsh lauded ALPA president, Capt. John Prater, for his tireless support of ASTAR pilots and for testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill yesterday. Walsh also thanked his own and other pilots for attending the hearing.

ALPA executive vice president, Capt. Mark Seal (UAL), acknowledged tomorrow’s seven-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the brave crews who piloted Flights 93 and 175 on that fateful day. “Let us never forget—thank you,” he concluded.

U.S. vice presidential candidate, Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE), called in from the campaign trail to discuss the importance of appointing cabinet secretaries and agency heads who will be open to labor’s view. Biden, who is former chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, discussed his support to remedy bankruptcy laws so that management cannot decimate labor contracts and sidestep collective bargaining responsibilities. He also stated his opposition to foreign control of U.S. airlines.

“We share the same concerns and values,” Biden told members of the Executive Board.

Capt. Prater shared his thoughts with Executive Board members about the upcoming U.S. presidential and congressional elections. “What happens in Washington affects each of us,” he stressed, noting that members should be mindful of the candidates’ position statements and their records regarding labor, specifically pilot issues.

The Executive Board passed a resolution that will form a committee to develop a national seniority protocol and ways to implement one. Look for more information on this ALPA initiative soon.

The Board also passed a resolution codifying the specific condition in which the Association will support the use of the Multi-crew Pilot License approach to pilot training. Additionally, the Board passed a resolution outlining ALPA’s position regarding a new national energy policy.

The Board recognized the representatives of CommutAir, who attended the pilot group’s first Executive Board meeting.

The Midwest MEC received approval for a Major Contingency Fund allocation to finance special communications efforts to fend off attacks from management.

Delta MEC chairman, Capt. Lee Moak, announced a charity golf tournament sponsored by the Delta Pilots Charitable Fund, which will take place Oct. 18 in Las Vegas. Proceeds from the tournament will benefit research for childhood cancer. Details about the tournament will be posted on the Delta pilots’ public website at soon.

(For highlights from Day 1, please click here.)