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December 16, 2008

Alaska Pilots’ Union Leadership Creates Strike Preparedness Committee

SEATTLE – The union leaders elected to represent the 1,500 pilots of Alaska Airlines today unanimously voted to activate the Strike Preparedness Committee in preparation for the possibility of a legal pilot strike against Alaska Airlines.

The previously-named Strategic Planning Committee was renamed the Strike Preparedness Committee and tasked with building the infrastructure that will be necessary should negotiations fail to produce an acceptable agreement.

Alaska’s pilots have been in direct negotiations for a new contract since January 2007, but the pilots and management have yet to reach agreement on key economic areas despite the assistance of a federal mediator.

“We continue to seek solutions that both reflect the needs of our pilots while ensuring the future success of our company, but our management continues to insist upon a contract that is increasingly regressive,” said Capt. Bill Shivers, chairman of the Alaska Master Executive Council of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l. “This is not the path to an agreement. This is the path to a strike.”

Alaska’s pilots are seeking a contract that improves and protects their work rules—including compensation—that ensure a good quality of life, job security that protects against the outsourcing of their careers, a secure retirement plan, and a contract that provides affordable health care for themselves and their families.

“Our management and industry analysts continue to point to all of the reasons that we have to be optimistic about Alaska Airlines’ future prospects. If management is unwilling or unable to work with us to reach an agreement that allows us to share in that success, we must be prepared for the eventuality of a strike,” said Capt. Rich Madden, chairman of the newly renamed Strike Preparedness Committee. “Our pilots and their families will be emotionally, mentally and financially prepared if and when management leaves us with no other option than to walk out on strike.”

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