ALPA BOD Proudly Avow “We are ALPA!”

October 22, 2008 - ALPA’s highest governing body, the Board of Directors, resolved on Wednesday to navigate the Association forcefully into the future with its just completed strategic plan for the years to come. The BOD overwhelmingly approved strengthening and directing the Union in seven critical areas:

  • Nominations/Elections/Organizational Structure/Administration
  • Collective Bargaining/Organizing/Retirement & Insurance
  • Engineering and Air Safety/Flight Security/Flight Time – Duty Time
  • Accounting and Finance/MCF/Strike Policy & Planning
  • Education/Public Relations/Communications
  • Government Affairs/Strategic Planning
  • Membership/Human Performance Structure

“This week, through Courage to Lead, through your bold actions and through your hard work, you have begun to formalize the new vision and goals for our great union. You have taken courageous steps for ALPA to be successful for pilot generations to come,” said Capt. John Prater, ALPA president.

The members of ALPA’s Board of Directors helped frame the work that will guide the union by setting goals and objectives from the line pilots’ point of view to build unity and reconnect pilots with their Union. The entire Board of Directors will remain active in finalizing and executing the strategic plan.

“The work that you have done this week, as it begins to affect our pilots on the line, will also begin the process of ensuring that they know their union, they understand their union, they can change their union, and they are proud of their union,” Prater said.

Prater also submitted a late item agenda to promote pride in their union, debuting the We Are ALPA theme, complete with an inspirational video.

The resolution reads as follows:

RESOLVED that the Board of Directors affirms that the Air Line Pilots Association, International is, and will continue to be, the premier union to represent the piloting profession. The Board of Directors fully supports the direction, plans and priorities of its union and will actively execute a sound strategic plan and communicate with the pilots we represent the benefits of ALPA. Additionally, our union will aggressively act to ensure the voices of pilots we represent are heard loud and clear on the issues that affect our profession and our families. We Are ALPA.

“Our union will aggressively act to ensure the voices of pilots we represent are heard loud and clear on the issues that affect our profession and our families,” Prater said.

In other business, the BOD held elections for the Union’s executive vice-presidents. The following officers will serve as EVPs effective January 1, 2009:

Group A:
Robert C. “Chris” Dowell, Continental
Michael Geer, Delta
Joseph Fagone, FedEx
A. Ray Miller, Northwest
Michael Hamilton, United

Group B:
B-1- Edward Lowry, ExpressJet
B-2-Thomas Maxwell, American Eagle
B-3 Thomas Zerbarini, ASA
B-4 John Sluys, Alaska

Group C:
Dan Adamus, Air Canada Jazz

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