Spirit Pilots Protest Contract Violations, Furloughs

Spirit pilots walked the picket line yesterday at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW), demanding that Spirit Airlines management honor its commitments. Joined by fellow union members from Mesa, Comair, and Delta, the Spirit pilots conducted their second informational picket in as many months. The two-hour event garnered plenty of media attention, including coverage from the Detroit Free Press, NPR, and a local network affiliate.

Since August 1, 115 Spirit pilots have been furloughed with no commensurate reduction in scheduling, and Spirit management has disregarded key components of the pilot contract. Last month, in response to these transgressions, ALPA filed suit against the carrier seeking an injunction to force the company to honor its contract with the pilots.

The Spirit pilot group is planning more events over the next few months to bring more attention to the actions of this rogue management. Look for future announcements, and please support these fellow ALPA pilots on the line.