2007 News

Statement by Capt. Mark Bathurst, Chairman of the United MEC of ALPA, Regarding United Airlines’ Christmas Holiday Flight Cancellations, 12/26/07

ALPA Files Suit against Champion Air for Violating Labor Laws, 12/18/07, Release #07.CHA

FedEx Pilots Spread Holiday Cheer to Special Needs Children and Families, 12/13/07, Release #07.FDX

White House Signs Age 65 into Law, 12/14/07

Eagle Pilots: Sale of American Eagle Could Mean the End of Service in Several Cities, 12/13/07, Release #07.EGL5

ALPA Urges President Bush to Sign Age 65 into Law, 12/13/07, Release #07.070

Pilots Support Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s Recommendations, 12/13/07, Release #07.069

Senate Unanimously Approves Change to Pilot Retirement Age Limit, 12/12/07

US Airways Pilots Union Responds to Kirby Comments, 12/11/07, Release #07.AAA

House Approves Change to the Upper Age Limit, 12/11/07

Ryan International Airlines Pilots Overwhelmingly Authorize Strike, 12/11/07, Release #07.RYN3

Midwest Airlines Pilots Celebrate 10 Years of ALPA Representation, 12/10/07

United Pilots: UAL Shareholder Plan 'Ludicrous', 12/7/07, Release #07.UAL7

Eagle Pilots Warn that Breaking Up American Eagle Would Harm Employees And Passengers, 12/7/07, Release #07.EGL4

Delta Air Lines Pilots Union Convenes Special Meeting, 12/6/07, Release #07.DAL7

Airlines and Pilots Oppose Lieberman-Warner Climate Change Bill, 12/6/07

Ending Runway Incursions is Within Reach, 12/6/07, Release #07.067

UPS Accident Pinpoints Shortfalls in Cargo Safety, 12/4/07, Release #07.066

ALPA’s Northwest Airlink and Delta Connection PCL Pilots Vote Overwhelmingly to Authorize Strike, 12/3/07, Release #07.PCL2

Hawaiian Pilots’ Union Responds to Fleet Plan Announcement, 11/28/07, Release #07.HAL2

Pilots’ Union Responds to Announcement that AMR will Sell American Eagle, 11/28/07, Release #07.EGL3

Delta Air Lines Pilots Come to the Aid, 11/28/07, Release #07.DAL6

Union Coalition at United Airlines Demands Repayment with Airline’s “Found Money”, 11/27/07, Release #07.UAL6

ALPA Commends Pilot who Alerted FBI to 9/11 Terrorist Moussaoui, 11/27/07, Release #07.065

ALPA’s ASA Pilots Ratify New Contract, 11/20/07, Release #07.ASA8

Delta Air Lines Pilots Union Rallies Pilot Members, 11/20/07, Release #07.DAL5

Pilots Team up with Airlines to Tackle New York’s Congested Airspace Solutions, 11/15/07, Release #07.064

House Passes Appropriations Conference Report with Age Limit Change, 11/15/07

United Pilots Respond to United/Delta Consolidation ‘Talks’, 11/14/07, Release #07.UAL5

Delta Air Lines Pilots Union Responds to Pardus Comments, 11/14/07, Release #07.DAL4

ALPA Leaders Speak Out Against Decertification Effort, 11/13/07, Release #07.063

Pilots Urge Swift Action on NTSB Fatigue Concerns, 11/9/07, Release #07.062

Delta Air Lines Pilots Union Pens Joint Agreement with Air France Pilots, 11/9/07, Release #07.DAL3

Pilots Band Together to Weather Proposed Company Acquisition, 11/8/07, Release #07.CCI

Continental Pilots Key to Airline’s On-Time Rating, 11/6/07, Release #07.061

ATA Airlines Cockpit Crewmembers Kick Off Contract Negotiations, 11/6/07, Release #07.ATA2

ALPA Calls on Congress to Help Pilots Protect our Skies, 11/2/07, Release #07.059

Pilots: NASA Data Must Be Analyzed, 10/31/07, Release #07.058

Mesa Pilot Leadership Responds to Court Decision, 10/31/07, Release #07.MAG2

ALPA Files Suit Against Pinnacle Airlines For Violating Labor Law, 10/26/07, Release #07.PCL

ALPA Testifies before Canadian Inquiry on Airline Security, 10/26/07

Alaska’s Pilots Respond to Third Quarter Earnings Reports, 10/25/07, Release #07.ALA2

ALPA and Plaintiff Groups Reach Tentative Agreement for Settlement of Two Pilot Litigations, 10/25/07, Release #07.056

US Airways Pilots Respond to Company Third Quarter Earnings Report, 10/25/07, Release #07.AWA4

Ryan International Airlines Pilots Call On Rubloff Development Group to Conclude Contract Talks, 10/24/07, Release #07.RYN2

ALPA Pledges $2 Million to Trans States Airlines Pilots to Fund Efforts to Secure a Fair Labor Contract, 10/24/07, Release #07.TSA2

ALPA’s 100th Meeting of the Executive Board, 10/23/07

American, Eagle Pilots Reach Agreement that Revises Flow-Through Agreement, 10/23/07, Release #07.EGL2

ALPA: Cutting Flights at JFK No Solution, 10/23/07, Release #07.055

ALPA Leadership Finalizes Merger with The Aviators Group, 10/23/07, Release #07.TAG

United Pilots to UAL Management: Shared Sacrifice Should Lead To Shared Rewards, 10/23/07, Release #07.UAL4

Pilots Welcome Secondary Cockpit Barrier Legislation, 10/19/07, Release #07.053

Pilots Union at Northwest Airlines Elects Officers, 10/18/07, Release #07.NWA7

Pilots Endorse NTSB Stance on UAVs, 10/16/07, Release #07.051

Pilots Protest Railroad Subsidies, 10/12/07, Release #07.050

Champion, Pinnacle Pilots Rally to Protest Slow Progress of Negotiations, 10/11/07

ALPA Launches New Effort to Fight Pilot Fatigue, 10/10/07, Release #07.049

Spirit Pilots to Begin Mediated Negotiations as Contract Talks Sputter, 10/3/07, Release #07.SPA2

Pilots Need Better Information to Operate on Runways in Winter, 10/2/07, Release #07.048

ASTAR Air Cargo Pilots Request Proffer of Arbitration from National Mediation Board, 10/2/07, Release #07.DHL2

Delta Connection Pilots to Vote on New Contract, 10/1/07, Release #07.ASA7

At Long Last, a TA at ASA!, 9/29/07

Pilots Urge Management to Take Final Steps to Merge America West and US Airways, 9/27/07, Release #07.AWA3

ALPA Hails Bankruptcy Reform Legislation Introduction, 9/25/07, Release #07.047

ASTAR Air Cargo Pilots Vote Overwhelmingly to Authorize Strike, 9/21/07, Release #07.DHL

US Airways One Step Closer to Merging Operations to Benefit Passengers, Investors and Employees, 9/21/07, Release #07.AWA2

House Vote Puts FAA on Path to Financial Security, 9/20/07, Release #07.046

Business Aviation Must Pay “Fair Share” to Modernize NAS, 9/18/07

ASTAR Pilots And ALPA President Picket Management, 9/18/07

Legislative Update: Mandatory Pilot Retirement Age, 9/14/07

Delta Connection Pilots Host Job Seminar, 9/14/07, Release #07.ASA6

Mesaba Pilots Elect New Union Leaders, 9/13/07, Release #07.MSA

ASTAR Pilots Demand Serious Negotiations, 9/12/07, Release #07.045

U.S. District Court Upholds ALPA Arbitration Awards, 9/12/07, Release #07.TSA

Evergreen Int’l Airlines Crewmembers Vote for ALPA Representation, 9/6/07

Pilots Urge Congress to Overhaul Bankruptcy Code, 9/6/07, Release #07.044

Pilots and Passengers Get a Break from a Long, Hot Summer, 8/31/07, Release #07.043

Delta Connection Pilots Launch Caravan in Towns That Rely Heavily on Service, 8/27/07, Release #07.ASA5

ALPA Pilot Leaders Unite in Advance of Negotiations, 8/23/07, Release #07.042

Delta Air Line Pilots Union Responds to CEO appointment, 8/21/07, Release #07.DAL2

Delta Connection Pilots Launch Caravan in Towns That Rely Heavily on Service, 8/20/07, Release #07.ASA4

ALPA Supports Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association Action Against Aer Lingus Decision, 8/20/07

Union Officers Elected at ALPA American Eagle, 8/16/07, Release #07.EGL

ALPA Commends FAA “Call to Action” to Prevent Runway Incursions, 8/15/07, Release #07.041

Trans States Pilots Rally Against the Rat, 8/10/07

Union Officers Elected at ALPA America West, 8/15/07, Release #07.AWA

Delta Connection Pilots Launch Caravan in Towns That Rely Heavily on Service, 8/13/07, Release #07.ASA3

Presidential Candidates Make Their Case to Working Families at AFL-CIO Forum, 8/8/07

ALPA Pilots Name Vancouver International Airport its 2007 Airport of the Year, 8/8/07, Release #07.042

Retired Northwest Airlines Captain Peter Reiss Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation Award, 8/8/07, Release #07.041L

Retired Northwest Airlines Captain Terry Lutz Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation Award, 8/8/07, Release #07.041K

ALPA Posthumously Recognizes the Accomplishments of United Captain Harry Orlady, 8/8/07, Release #07.041J

US Airways Captain Clyde Romero Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation Award, 8/8/07, Release #07.041I

Retired Northwest Airlines Pilot David “Fireball” Hayes Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation Award, 8/8/07, Release #07.041H

Alaska Airlines Captain Robert Powers Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation Award, 8/8/07, Release #07.041G

Northwest Airlines Captain Ron K. Silberman Receives ALPA’s First Security Honor, 8/8/07, Release #07.041F

Air Canada Jazz Captain Robert Perkins Receives ALPA’s Highest Safety Honor, 8/8/07, Release #07.041E

Air Canada Jazz First Officer Paul Cafouros Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/8/07, Release #07.041D

Air Canada Jazz Captain Michael Nelson Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/8/07, Release #07.041C

United Airlines First Officer Brad Loper Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/8/07, Release #07.041B

United Airlines Captain Scott Stoops Receives ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/8/07, Release #07.041A

Pilots Honored for Contributions to Maintaining a Safe & Secure Airline Industry, 8/8/07, Release #07.041

Delta Connection ALPA Pilots Picket To Protest Nearly Five Years Of Negotiations, 8/7/07, Release #07.ASA2

Mass Pilot Exodus, Low Morale Cause Concern for Mesa Pilot Leadership, 8/3/07, Release #07.MAG

United Pilots to UAL Management: Shared Sacrifice Should Lead to Shared Rewards, 8/2/07, Release #07.UAL3

Delta Connection Pilots Employ Rolling Ads To Demand “Fair Contract Now”, 8/1/07, Release #07.ASA

ALPA Applauds Congress for Streamlining Airport Access for U.S. Pilots, 8/1/07, Release #07.040

ASTAR Air Cargo Pilots Send Message to Management: Stop Stalling Contract Talks, 7/31/07, Release #07.039

Long-time Safety Risks Contributed to Comair 5191 Accident, 7/26/07, Release #07.038

ALPA’s Submission to the NTSB on Comair 5191 Accident, 7/24/07

ATA Airlines, North American Airlines and World Airways Pilots Warn Management: Don’t Pit Us Against Each Other, 7/18/07, Release #07.ATA

Spirit Airlines Forces Pilots To Fly Long International Hours Without Commensurate Pay, 7/9/07, Release #07.SPA

Continental Pilots Union and Continental Airlines Sign Protocol Agreement to Begin Contract Discussions, 7/2/07, Release #07.CAL

ALPA Commends Introduction of FAA Reauthorization, 6/28/07, Release #07.037

SkyWest Pilots Score another Legal Victory, 6/29/07, Release #07.036

NWA Flight Cancellations Due to Inadequate Staffing, 6/28/07, Release #07.NWA6

Air Line Pilots Go Green, 6/25/07, Release #07.035

United Pilots Tell Travelers about Management Greed, 6/20/07

Continental Pilots Rally at Shareholders' Meeting on June 12, 6/13/07

ALPA Outraged Over Indictment of U.S. Pilots, 6/8/07, Release #07.034

IFALPA says Judge Mendes’ decision to indict Lepore, Paladino and the air traffic controllers is fundamentally flawed and ‘a crime’ against air safety, 6/6/07

IFALPA Blasts Brazilian Indictment of Pilots, Controllers in Midair, 6/6/07

ALPA Adds Two Safety Items to NTSB’s “Most Wanted” List, 6/6/07, Release #07.033

Major Airline Pilot Groups Gather in Dallas, 6/6/07

NWA Pilots Rally Against Executive Greed, 5/31/07

Working Families to Rally against Executive Greed, 5/29/07, Release #07.NWA5

Judge’s Order Affirms SkyWest Airlines Pilots’ Right to Organize, 5/25/07, Release #07.031

US Airways Pilots Bring “Operation Rolling Thunder” to Phoenix, 5/24/07, Release #07.AAA-AWA6

ALPA Sets New Course on Age 60, 5/24/07, Release #07.029

On-Time Arrival Needed for Funds to Modernize U.S. Airspace, 5/23/07, Release #07.028

US Airways Pilots, Passengers Paying For Management’s Mistakes, 5/22/07, Release #07.AAA-AWA5

ALPA Leadership Finalizes Merger With CCCA, 5/22/07, Release #07.027

Next Stage in US/EU Negotiations Critical, 5/18/07

ALPA Road Show Meets Memphis, 5/18/07

ALPA’s SPSC Is Up and Running, 5/17/07

ALPA Pilots Rally on the National Mall, 5/17/07

Northwest Employees Fight for Fairness, 5/14/07, Release #07.NWA4

Plan to Attend the Transportation Workers Day of Action Rally!, 5/11/07

More Than 200 United Pilots Conduct Info Picketing at UAL Shareholders Meeting in Chicago, 5/11/07

US Airways Pilots Doubt Management’s Ability to Sustain Successful Airline, 5/8/07, Release #07.AAA-AWA4

United Pilots Begin Info Picketing Campaign, 5/4/07

Pilots Union at Northwest Airlines Condemns NWA CEO's Outrageous $26.6 Million Bonus, 5/4/07, Release #07.NWA3

United Pilots to UAL Management: Shared Sacrifice Should Lead To Shared Rewards, 5/4/07, Release #07.UAL2

Pilots Urge Congress to Restore Fair Retirement Benefits, 5/3/07, Release #07.024

Chairman Miller Introduces Bill to End Unfair Cuts to Airline Pilots’ Pension Benefits, 5/2/07

ALPA Commends Rep. Oberstar’s Pledge to Scrutinize Open Skies Implementation, 5/2/07

United Pilots to UAL Management: Shared Sacrifice Should Lead To Shared Rewards, 5/2/07, Release #07.UAL

Capital Cargo Crewmembers Vote for ALPA Representation, 5/1/07, Release #07.CCCA

ALPA’s Governing Bodies Grapple with Age 60 Issue, 5/1/07

Oberstar Statement on Signing Of US-EU Open Skies Pact, 4/30/07

ALPA’s SPSC Is Up and Running, 4/30/07

Road Show Summits in Denver, 4/30/07

Hawaiian Airlines Pilot Union Questions Fairness of Executive Bonuses, 4/27/07, Release #07.HAL

US Airways Pilots Warn Management: We Will Not Entertain Bankruptcy-Era Contract Proposals, 4/27/07

Alaska Pilots to Picket Corporate Headquarters on May 1, 4/27/07, Release #07.ALA

Senators Kennedy and McCaskill Appeal to Trans States CEO, 4/26/07, Release #07.023

ALPA’s First Pilot Assistance Forum a Resounding Success, 4/20/07

Scores of Northwest Employees Rally in Detroit Against Executive Greed, 4/20/07

NWA Employees Rally against Executive Greed, 4/18/07, Release #07.NWA2

Road Show Tour Hits Dallas, 4/16/07

NTSB Sounds Alarm on Airline Worker Fatigue, 4/10/07, Release #07.022

May 17: Pilots Gather in D.C., 4/6/07

Comair MEC Submits Analysis on Flight 5191 Accident to NTSB, 4/6/07

Evergreen Pilots Union Leadership Endorses Pursuing Merger with ALPA; Signs Expanded Services Agreement, 4/3/07

US Airways Pilots Continue Demands, 3/30/07

UAL Union Coalition Demands Shared Rewards, 3/27/07

US Airways, America West Pilots Picket to Protest Management's Negotiating Tactics, Operational Debacles, 3/27/07, Release #07.AAA-AWA3

Preventing Runway Incursions Isn’t Hit-or-Miss, 3/27/07, Release #07.021

FAA Runway Safety Action “Promising” Step Forward, 3/23/07, Release #07.020

ALPA Brings Pilots’ Top Aviation Safety Concerns to Congress, 3/22/07, Release #07.019

Pilots Work to Douse In-Flight Battery Fire Risk, 3/22/07, Release #07.018

ALPA Scrutinizes DOT’s Tentative Approval of Virgin America, 3/20/07

ALPA Applauds Congressional Pledge to Scrutinize “Open Skies” Pact, 3/14/07, Release #07.017

US Airways, America West Pilots Share Passengers’ Frustration, 3/14/07, Release #07.AAA-AWA2

Northwest Airlines Pilots Picket in MSP, 3/8/07

Airline Labor Strongly Objects to “Open Skies” Agreement, 3/7/07

ALPA President Elected to AFL-CIO Executive Council, 3/6/07, Release #07.016

ALPA Expresses Opposition to the US-European Union Tentative Air Transport Agreement, 3/7/07

“Open Skies” Far From Open and Shut, 3/4/07

Comair Pilots Approve Contract, 3/2/07, Release #07.014

Pilots of Northwest Airlines Picket To Demand a Share in NWA's Success, 3/1/07, Release #07.NWA

Air Line Pilots Association Files Lawsuit Against US Airways, 2/28/07, Release #07.013

Pilots Support Bill to Enhance Safety Culture at Canadian Airlines, 2/22/07, Release #07.012

Blue Ribbon Panel Members Named, 2/16/07

ALPA to Fight Encroachment on Mesaba Pilots’ Job Security, 2/19/07, Release #07.010

U.S. Senate Committee Acts on Flight Crew Access, 2/16/07

Comair Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement, 2/14/07, Release #07.011

ALPA Cautions Pilots on ATC Operations in Brazilian Airspace, 2/12/07

ALPA Condemns Comair Bankruptcy Ruling, 2/8/07, Release #07.009

Road Show Continues: Capt. Prater Vows to Lead the Fight in “Takin’ it Back”, 2/8/07

US Airways, America West Pilots Picket in Support of a Single Fair Contract, Challenge Management to Complete Unfinished Merger, 2/6/07, Release #07.007

Pilot Unions Fly in Formation, 2/5/07, Release #07.008

US Airways, America West Pilots Demand Fair, Single Contract, 2/1/07, Release #07.006

Delta Air Lines Pilots Respond to US Airways’ Withdrawal, 1/31/07, Release #07.005

Pilots of US Airways Picket at Company Headquarters, 1/30/07, Release #07.AAA-AWA

ALPA Responds to Age 60 NPRM Announcement, 1/30/07, Release #07.004

Midwest Pilots Union Endorses Management to Remain Independent, 1/25/07, Release #07.003

Captain Lee Moak Submits Testimony to Senate Committee, 1/24/07, Release #07.DAL

Ryan Pilots File for Mediation, 1/23/07, Release #07.RYN

Pilots Need Aircraft Position Information in the Cockpit, 1/17/07, Release #07.002

United Pilots Demand: ‘Fix It Now!!!’, 1/16/07

Jet Engine Flaws, Inadequate Industry Training Still a Concern, 1/9/07, Release #07.001

Alaska Pilots Kick Off Negotiations, 1/8/07