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August 8, 2007

Retired Northwest Airlines Pilot David “Fireball” Hayes Receives ALPA’s Presidential Citation Award
Camarillo, California Resident Recognized for Improving Aviation Safety through Test Pilot Initiatives

WASHINGTON—The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) will recognize retired Northwest Airlines pilot David “Fireball” Hayes with a 2007 Presidential Citation Award, the Association’s honor for outstanding work in aviation safety, for his dedication to improving safety through his collaboration on ALPA’s behalf with aircraft manufacturers on the development of several types of aircraft for over a decade. This award will be presented on August 9 at ALPA’s 53rd Annual Air Safety & Security Week and Awards Banquet in Washington, D.C.

“Dave Hayes’ dedication to safety is unparalleled. As a test pilot, he risked his life to ensure various aircrafts’ safety for his fellow pilots and the traveling public,” said ALPA President, Capt. John Prater. “That kind of effort deserves our respect and recognition.”

While serving as the Aircraft Development and Operations (ADO) Group Chairman, ALPA’s representative to the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations, Hayes worked to implement valuable real aircraft data to develop wake vortex certification requirements, improved aircraft evacuation standards, greatly improved in-flight icing certification standards, and globally harmonized ALPA’s Required Navigation Performance and Flight Guidance Systems efforts.

As a member of several ALPA safety project teams, Hayes flew numerous initial and/or follow up evaluation flights, including testing such aircraft as the B-717, A-320, A-319, A-340, E-170 and E-195. He represented ALPA at the national level for over a decade on various government-industry harmonization working groups and numerous special projects, including serving as the team leader for the A-380 Project Team.

“The Northwest family congratulates Dave and thanks him for his consistent dedication to improving aviation safety,” said NWA Master Executive Council Chairman Capt. Dave Stevens. “The entire airline industry has benefited from Dave's work.”

Hayes led various ALPA joint safety initiative efforts with aviation industry stakeholders to develop systems, curricula and programs that promote aviation safety. For example, he worked with Calspan, NASA, and others to develop and field an improved Upset Training Aid and curriculum, endorsed by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and funded by the FAA. He also championed ALPA’s continuing efforts to develop and field a viable Propulsion Controlled Aircraft System, now being developed as a cooperative effort with NASA, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Boeing, and other stakeholders.

Founded in 1931, ALPA represents more than 60,000 pilots at 41 airlines in the U.S. and Canada. Visit the ALPA website at for more information.

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